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Get to know our campus in Berlin

Berlin is not only the capital but also the creative center of Germany. Countless events offer the opportunity to connect and network, which is a testament to the vibrancy of the German city. Berlin is famous for being a popular study destination - far beyond the European border: the German capital is in the global spotlight in terms of politics, business, culture, and sport. In addition to the many creative people, there have been many start-ups, founders, and entrepreneurs drawn to the city. 

Berlin's geographical location and international flair make it an economical hub for Europe and beyond. The campus of the University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE) is located in the heart of the multicultural city, in the immediate vicinity of 'Potsdamer Platz'. With the help of modern digital technology, students can cooperate with companies across borders. Our campus also has a workshop for creative entrepreneurs ('Gründerwerkstatt') and learning areas that help our students to build their careers.


Quality of Teaching

We are among the 25 best schools with an international orientation worldwide. "U-Multirank" ranks us as one of the 25 best universities in the world for our study abroad programmes and student mobility. More than 1,300 universities from over 90 countries were evaluated and rated on the basis of ten indicators. The ratio of students to faculty in science and teaching as well as the number of frequently cited publications and the quality of teaching played an essential role.

Location: in the middle of Germany's capital

If creativity and entrepreneurial thinking blooms anywhere, then here. You’re guaranteed to have the inspiration you need every day to make your own design visions and business ideas a reality. Located between 'Potsdamer Platz' and 'Anhalter Bahnhof', in the hip district of Kreuzberg, the Berlin campus offers the ideal link to life in the big city. Once you leave the campus, you step into the fast-paced, creative and big city lifestyle with a number of cafés, bars, restaurants, museums, and historical sites all within walking distance. Also, the headquarters of many large international companies are in the immediate vicinity, such as the Axel Springer media group. The nearest shopping mall is just a few streets away. All corners of Berlin are easily accessible via the excellent public transportation network.

Modern and innovative Facilities

Innovative & Modern Facilities

Business thinking, drawing, scribbling, and programming spread over close to 7,000 square feet. All our students can use our large photo and radio studios as well as the green screen and animation studios. Spaces for creative and entrepreneurial projects, for example, our founders’ workshop and exhibition areas, are available to students on our campus. In addition, there are a big patio space, cafeteria, library, auditorium, and study areas. 

Zeremonie für die Art und Design Graduierte am Campus Berlin mit Professoren und Studenten auf der Bühne im Audimax

Benefits for our Students

  • Good contacts with the business, media, and sporting (business) worlds of Berlin and beyond

  • Compact campus with library, PC pool, lounge, and cafeteria

  • Well-equipped with projectors and Wi-Fi in all rooms

  • Guest lectures, excursions, and practical projects are an essential component of your studies

  • Specialization in Soccer Management (available only to Sport & Event Management students)

  • Specialization in Basketball Management (for students in the Sport & Event Management programme at ALBA BERLIN College)

  • We are the official cooperating partner of ALBA Berlin Basketball

UE is official Berlin Partner



Official Berlin Partner



The University of Europe for Applied Sciences is a member of the Berlin Partner network. Berlin Partner is a network from Berlin for Berlin that supports companies based here, links them with each other and actively promotes business, technology and innovation. As a member of this network, UE and its students benefit from valuable partnerships and cooperations that go beyond traditional teaching. 

Eingang zu einem Gebäude

You aren't around the campus? We've got you. Explore our campus through our Virtual Campus Tour.


We're excited to show you a glimpse of what makes our campus so unique and vibrant. As you navigate through the virtual tour, you'll experience the modern and innovative atmosphere that defines our Berlin UE campus. The state-of-the-art facilities provide a conducive environment for learning, research, and collaboration. From cutting-edge laboratories to well-equipped classrooms, our campus is designed to inspire and nurture academic excellence. We hope you enjoy exploring our campus virtually!


We hope you enjoy exploring our campus virtually!




Campus Equipment

  • Animations Studios
  • Green Screen Studios
  • Motion Lab
  • TV Studio
  • Screen Printing Workshop
  • Photo Studios
  • Sound Lab
  • 3D Lab
  • Print/Scan Studio
  • Teleprompter and LED
  • Photo Dark Room
  • Editing Room
  • Equipment Library
  • Rentable equipment
  • Mac Pools

Campus Berlin Videos

Follow a guided VR tour around the UE Campus Berlin. Also, get a glimpse of one of our events on campus. Get to know our faculties, facilities and gain an insight into life on campus.

Campus Berlin Videos

Follow a guided VR tour around the UE Campus Berlin. Also, get a glimpse of one of our events on campus. Get to know our faculties, facilities and gain an insight into life on campus.

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