Overview of UE Student Associations

Student Associations

Complement your studies: Gain practical experience,
build and maintain contacts and have fun together.

Overview of UE Student Associations. Feel free to contact and join them.

Over the semester, students of all campus have created a self-governing network of associations that anyone can get involved with. The aim is to make campus life more exciting and to build a community of students who are committed to the wellbeing of all. Interests can be deepened and lived out in the Associations and improvements and joint projects can be implemented. Everything the departments do is in the interests of the students.

For the students, this not only provides them with practical experience and new insights, but also the opportunity to get to know people across different courses and semesters. In this way, UE is strengthening campus community.

The AStA (B), CampusNetwork (HH) and Studienrat (ISL) connecting all associations to this network; it seeks to brings different associations together with the student representatives and the university management. The work and communication of the departments is to be improved and ideas are still being effectively initiated and converted. Cooperation between these departments and the university are also used to promote our work to the students.

Here you find an overview of our students’ initiatives, associations and societies: B = Berlin, HH = Hamburg, ISL = Iserlohn.