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Corporate Social Responsibility at UE

At UE we would like to make a contribution within our framework
when it comes to making things better in and for our society


Social responsibility

By educating young people to make them fit for their careers, we also see our work as a university as a social responsibility. For our students, our society and our future.
For this reason, we support numerous projects that are organized by our university teachers, students and employees and contribute to an increase in social responsibility - because UE is not only a university, but also a corporate citizen.
Student cooperations and projects, social engagement of employees or the provision of various scholarships are part of our concept of social responsibility.
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Gender equality

Gender equality has a particularly high priority at UE. To ensure that gender equality is practised, encouraged and monitored at the University of Europe for Applied Sciences, a decentralised Gender Equality Officer was elected in 2023. The Equal Opportunities Officer, Prof. Dr Uda-Mareke Risius, works together with all stakeholders (students, lecturers and professors, vice deans and deans) and committees (Academic Senate, Extended University Management, Presidium) of the university on measures to ensure gender equality and to review the effectiveness of existing measures. To this end, the Equal Opportunities Officer has drafted an equality concept, which was adopted in 2023 and will be actively applied in the following 4 years of office.

You can download the concept here. You can reach the Equal Opportunities Officer Prof. Dr. Uda-Mareke Risius by email.
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Maurits Van Rooijen Scaled Gallery

Maurits van Rooijen, President of the University of Europe for Applied Sciences:

"UE is a place of shared learning and networking that thrives on the diversity of its employees and students. It is UE's goal to trigger a positive effect on our environment to move things for the better. We are convinced that only together, whether in science or in society, as teachers, students, alumni or employees from administration or the rectorate, we can cross borders. Only if we act together and work for each other and for others can we fulfill our social responsibility and shape the future. Thus, we have launched various academic projects and initiatives, set up scholarship programs and, in addition, support departmental activities and thus the extraordinary commitment of our students."

Projects from the University

Diversity at UE

Diversity at UE

We live diversity
At the University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE), we thrive off the diversity of our staff and students. Our top priority is to cultivate respectful interactions and ensure all staff and students are protected from discrimination at the university.
Diversity and equal opportunity play a major role in life at UE because interdisciplinary boundaries can only be transcended by working together. As such, we oppose all forms of discrimination on the grounds of ethnic origin, gender, religion or belief, disability, age or sexual identity.
Dialogue and critical reflection are constantly encouraged at our university. Indispensably, both foster friendships as well as networks around the world and create an inspiring framework for academic scholarship and creativity.
At each campus, we cultivate a personalised atmosphere by responding to the unique strengths, life situations and development paths of each individual student and actively support them in their endeavours.
However, if students or staff are affected by discrimination, we are here to help. Please contact our  independent Diversity Task Force via the following address: diversity.hh@ue-germany.de
Overview of UE Student Associations


We support and promote the social commitment of our students. Over the course of the semester, students on all campuses have created a self-governing network of departments in which everyone can get involved. The goal is to make campus life more exciting and to build a community of students who are committed to the well-being of all. For more information, click here.

Scholarship Programmes


Although we are a private university, we are committed to ensuring that education is not just the privilege of individuals. That is why we have established various scholarship programmes.

A UE student learning Tech and Software programme in the lab

Non-profit research:

5G Inclusion 2.0. How can digital assistance systems (such as virtual reality glasses) based on 5G networking support people with cognitive impairments in their working environment?” This question is being investigated by the University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE) together with its project partners, the Gesellschaft für Bildung und Beruf e.V. (Dortmund) and the Iserlohner Werkstätten gGmbH, as part of the funded project “5G Inclusion 4.0”.

Animal Welfare Association

Animal Welfare Association

In addition to the great human suffering, numerous animals had also been affected by the floods in Hagen. For this reason, employees of the University of Europe from the Iserlohn campus got together and organized a collection of dog and cat food. They handed over the goodies to the Tierschutzverein (Animal Welfare Association) Hagen und Umgebung e.V..
UE berlegt Geimpft


  • „Brandenburg zeigt Haltung“ – UE Rector supports the petition
  • „Brandenburg zeigt Haltung“ – UE Rector supports the petition
"The Art of Helping" - UE professors organize benefit exhibition

The art of helping - UE professors organize benefit exhibition

As part of the 25th anniversary of the street magazine fiftyfifty, two photography professors from the University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE) Katharina Mayer and Matthias Leupold have co-organized and supported the benefit exhibition for the homeless "The Art of Helping" at the NRW Forum in Düsseldorf. Works by Gerhard Richter, Boris Becker, Katharina Mayer, Andreas Gursky, Gudrun Kemsa, Thomas Struth, Matthias Leupold and many others were shown, auctioned and sold. The proceeds from the sale of the benefit works shown here directly benefit the homeless aid.
UE Campus Berlin supports local schools and non-profit organisations

"Don't waste, reuse" - Campus Berlin supports local schools and non-profit organisations

UE Berlin donates to support local schools and charities. After an extensive "spring cleaning" at the Berlin campus, UE is supporting local schools and charities with a small donation: Pens, notepads, drawing pads, cloth bags, USB sticks and other miscellaneous items.
Sherryl Kintu Scholarship Scheme

The Sherryl Kintu Scholarship

The Sherryl Kintu Scholarship was set up by the UE as a tribute to, and in recognition of, the passions and interests of Sherryl Kintu, who was a devoted employee of Global University Systems (parent company of the UE) for 9 years where she rose from Executive Assistant to a Director level position. Sherryl sadly passed away in April 2021 at a young age. She was known as a dependable friend to her co-workers and the company, with a desire and determination for everything she did.  The scholarships are supported by the Executive CEO and Founder of Global University systems in recognition of Sherryl’s contributions.
Continuing to champion the passions and beliefs of Sherryl, the UE is happy to announce that the “Sherryl Kintu Scholarship Scheme” for the year 2022 has been awarded to Valeriya Ibrayeva. This will cover a 100% the tuition fee for Valeriya’s studies at the UE and will help her in progressing her career as an artist.

Some of our Student Projects

Student Project

Reporters Without Borders:

 Students cooperate with Reporters without Borders and have designed illustrations, posters and info videos for them. You can find more information here.

Brokdorf bleibt! (Brokdorf stays!)

Brokdorf bleibt! (Brokdorf stays!)

 Students get involved and give Brokdorf a voice. 70 students of the department “Art & Design” of the University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE) – with the active support of the operator PreussenElektra and the agency Jung von Matt – dealt with the topic “energy transition and nuclear phase-out” and asked themselves how such an important moment can be adequately accompanied. Learn more here.

iserlohn campus


Students from the UE Campus in Iserlohn set up a Coronavirus test center in a student club for their fellow students and locals.

Donations for Ukraine

Donations for Ukraine

Our students and staff in Iserlohn joined efforts in support for Ukraine in light of recent events, by repurposing the university’s canteen into a donations collection centre.
Together with Iserlohn schools and the local media, the initiative spread at short notice, with people bringing in food and medicine from day one. The collection point at the UE main campus entrance was open for a period of one-week thanks to added volunteer support. The students organised a truck to bring the relief supplies to Poland.

Special Olympics World Games Berlin

UE officially recognised as scientific partner for Special Olympics World Games

The University of Europe for Applied Sciences recently conducted research work during this year's World Games in Berlin. The goal of the research was to analyse spectator motivation and the marketing of the Special Olympics World Games. As part of the scientific cooperation with the Special Olympics World Games Berlin 2023, around 50 students from the Sports and Event Management programme conducted a spectator survey. The analysis of the collected data is intended to support the marketing of upcoming events and, above all, to help better understand the motivation of the audience.

Incoming Students | Study Abroad

Our campus Berlin is diverse and attracts students from all over the world. In this video, our international students share what they particularly like about UE.

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