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UE Newsroom

In the UE Newsroom, you will find succinct information about the University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE). In addition to current press releases, we have also provided you with images and logos, as well as facts and figures which can all be found in the download area.

If you are looking for interview partners, comments or insights from practice and science, we will be happy to help you within the framework of our expert services. Selected media profiles of our professors on current topics such as artificial intelligence, learning in the metaverse, the future of universities and sustainability and many more can be found here.

About UE

The University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE) with campuses in Berlin, Potsdam ("UE Innovation Hub"), Hamburg, Iserlohn and the Virtual Campus ("Campus in the Cloud") is a state-recognised private university. Combining tech, data, design and business, it trains the digital pioneers of tomorrow and focuses on teaching relevant key skills for the job markets of the future - by breaking down traditional academic models. 


UE is part of GUS Germany GmbH (GGG), which is a dynamic network of higher education institutions with a thriving student body of over 15,000+ learners across campuses in Germany, Europe, and beyond. 

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Campus in the Cloud: UE's Virtual Campus

New Studying instead of Old School Teaching: The Virtual Campus is a long-term, strategic initiative of the University of Europe for Applied Sciences Europe (UE) and its partner institutions to build campuses of the future.

On digital platforms that look like real campuses, students can aspire to next-generation learning environments as avatars, for example, and try their hand at the metaverse.

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UE in Media

Trade expert Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Merkle considers the red pencil to be exactly the wrong way to save Galeria. He also sees Douglas facing a relegation featured in the WAZ.




Deutschlandfunk Kultur interviews UE student Lukas Jahns about the "Brockdorf bleibt!" art project.


UE students report on their jobs at the DFB and FC St. Pauli under the heading "From Iserlohn to the big wide soccer world"

MEP Dr. Peter Liese gives key-note at UE event "Health in Europe 2023"

The Börsenzeitung carries an interview with Prof. Wolfgang Merkle under the headline "A mixture of ignorance and resignation"

The UE Innovation Hub is shown as a best practice in the HomeReport 2023 of the Zukunftsinstitut in the chapter "Edutecture - Education needs better equipment".

UE featured in AppliedHE



Applied HE reports about the joint BVB scholarship of Borussia Dortmund and UE.

Braunschweiger Zeitung has included press release about the BVB scholarship.

Prof. Wolfgang Merkle gives a podcast interview on "What is Greenwashing?"

The Schleswig-Holsteinische Zeitung reports in print and online about the student project "Brockdorf bleibt" and for a generation interview with Prof. Christian zu Ermgassen, Prof. Heike Ollertz and students of UE.

Radio MK reports about the interactive sports day at UE.

The Lokalkompass and other regional media report on UE's university cooperation with Borussia Dortmund

UE featured in AppliedHE

Educational media such as FE News and Applied HE report on UE's cooperation with the world-renowned photo agency Magnum Photos

Why the UE Innovation Hub is so attractive for students reports Designerati 

Westfalium magazine reports on the talk with soccer star Roman Weidenfeller at UE's Iserlohn campus

Professor Werner Frese, Head of Dual Degree Programs and MBA at UE, explains that logistics and transportation professions require more sustainability

Professor Johannes Kiessler is quoted in a report on "The New Generation" and how workspaces and workforces will change in the future.

The Iserlohner Kreisanzeiger reports on a lecture by Prof. Dr. Patrick Debbelt on the subject of depression as part of the UE event series "UEber den Tellerrand".

The Retail Merchandiser published Prof. Wolfgang Merkle's article on the subject of "Retail in Hypercompetiton"

The Schleswig Holsteinische Zeitung published an interview with Prof. Christian Mayer zu Ermgassen about the new book "Brokdorf bleibt".

Silke Heuse Fourth







Podcast interview with Silke Heuse on the topic of Positive Stress.

The Logistics Point published an article by Prof. Werner Frese in its June issue on "What challenges the logistic industry now facing?"



DIE TAZ reviews the book by UE art graduate Bernadette Schweihoff.







The Lokalkompass reports on the new cooperation of UE with the Ice Hockey Club Young Roosters



DER TAGESSPIEGEL reviews the book by UE art graduate Bernadette Schweihoff, which is also her comic debut and bachelor thesis.

W&V reports on the Media Youngsters finalists, including two UE graduates from the Hamburg campus.

DUZ interviews UE design expert Prof. Dr. Johannes Kiessler on what behavioral design can do to change human behavior.

Print only:

Deutsche Universitätszeitung, Issue 4, 2022

Christian Jakubetz interviews Prof. Dr. Lauritz Lipp in "A Quarter Hour of Digital" on the D25 Podcast about learning in the metaverse.

The education platform Spaces4Learning reports on the UE Innovation Hub in Potsdam and the future of studying "New Studying instead of Old School Campus".

Prof. Britta Ruhnau, Associate Dean for Business, offers tips on the StudyInternational platform on how students can get used to campus life again after the pandemic and lots of digital classes.





Designbote interviews UE alumnus and NFT startup founder Jesse Metcalfe in the "Spotlight on...Visual Experience Design" series.

Offizielle Logo in weiß-pink von Radio MK






Radio MK interviews Christina Muzzu and Jessica Barthel on the occasion of the fundraiser for Ukraine at the Iserlohn UE Campus






The Westfälische Rundschau also reported on the big fundraising campaign

Finanznachrichten other titles such as Wirtschaftsnetz published the press release on the concept of the new UE Innovation Hub "New Studying instead of old School Campus".






DUP Entrepreneur Magazine reports on new sustainable degree programs at UE

The Iserlohner Kreisanzeiger reports on the new Covid test center opened by UE students in the student club of the Iserlohn UE campus.

The NRZ Düsseldorf presents the joint project of UE and the magazine fiftyfifty "Homeless people as top models".




In an interview with Designbote, Professor Johannes Kiessler explains the contribution Behavioral Design can make to political and social discourse.

Prof. Wolfgang Merkle explains in the Börsenzeitung why retailers have an advantage.

In DER STANDARD, Prof. Dr. Christof Windgätter explains why people are primarily data sources in autonomous cars.

How the new semester begins on the UE campus reports the magazine Westfalium

The Börsenblatt reports on the anniversary picture book on the occasion of 50 years of Playboy photography and mentions the final essay by UE professor of media and cultural theory Jiré Emine Gözen.

Radio MK reports on the University Day of the Märkischer Arbeitgeberverband at which UE professor Britta Ruhnau and Horst-Friedrich Krause speak

Studytravel reports about the university cooperation with BVB






The Rheinische Post publishes in its print edition report under the title "Viel mehr als Zocken" about the study course Game Design at UE.



Prof. Christian Mayer zu Ermgassen gives a TV interview on NDR- Mein Nachmittag about the UE exhibition at the Brokdorf nuclear power plant.



Various northern German newspapers report on the art project of the UE students in Brokdorf, including the Schleswig Holsteinische Zeitung






Radio report in Deutschlandfunk Kultur about Brokdorf with 0-tones from UE students.

The dpa reports UE press release and quote from Frank Esken on "Why less is more when shopping".




Frank Esken on the topic of "Why less is more when it comes to shopping".






The Schleswig Holsteinische Zeitung reports on the student project "Brokdorf bleibt" (Brokdorf remains) under the title "What would Brokdorf be without a power plant".




Prof. Thomas Noller gives an interview to the Designbote about the role of artificial intelligence in design.



The Rheinische Post reports about the UE - Game Design program and conducts an interview with Prof. Csongor Baranyai.

Photonews reports in an interview with Prof. Heike Ollertz about the Hamburg Portfolio Review






In various newspapers, Prof. Thomas Rieger calls for a basic right to sport with a view to a new lockdown.

The Handelsblatt Journal published an article by Prof. Wolfgang Merkle on the topic of "Convincing Custormer Experience as a Necessity for Survival".

The Trading Herald reports on UE cooperation with the Royal College of Art.

Indian Education Diary reports on UE collaboration with Royal College of Art.

The Westfalium reports on the topic "UE finally back on campus".

The Iserlohner Kreisanzeiger and Westfälische Rundschau report in print and online on the topic "Why understanding does not mean acting" in an interview with environmental psychologist Prof. Dr. Frank Esken.

Reporters Without Borders reports on cooperation with the University of Europe for Applied Sciences.




The Westfalenpost tell the story of how a UE alumna became chief hostess at the Dubai Expo.

UE featured in fe news




FE News and Global Education News report on UE cooperation with Royal College of Art




Microsoft reports on collaboration with UE.



The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung headlines "My Professor the Avatar" in its online and print editions and reports on UE's virtual campus with quotes from Prof. Dr. Lauritz Lipp.






Deutschlandradio conducts an interview with "Avatar Professor" Lauritz Lipp under the title "With the Avatar into the University".





Prof. Johannes Kiessler explains how to study digitization in a podcast with Christian Jakubetz from D25.

UE featured in Companies Digest




Companies Digest publishes commentary by Prof. Thomas Rieger "There must be a right to sport".

The Iserlohner Kreisanzeiger reports on UE students who have set up a Corona test center in the student club.



Global Education News reports on UE's new accreditation.






Prof. Britta Ruhnau gives a radio interview on Deutschlandfunk Kultur, Campus & Karriere on the topic of "Who's the boss here".

UE featured in AppliedHE



Applied HE quote UE press release and Prof. Johannes Kiessler and Prof. Iris Lorscheid on key manufacturing of the future.



Three UE students contributed to the April issue of Zeit Geschichte magazine, creating illustrations on the theme "Exorcising Evil Thoughts."

The Märkische Allgemeine Zeitung reports on UE's virtual campus in an interview with Lauritz Lipp.



In der Frankfurter Allgemeinen Zeitung schreibt Christof Windgätter über „Die Lehre der Designforschung“.

The Märkische Allgemeine reports about the system accreditation of UE.

The VR Room and Immersive Learning platforms reports on new teaching concepts with VR at UE in an interview with Laurits Lipp.

UE featured in fe news

Education platforms FE News and Indian Education Diary report on UE's system accreditation.





Under the title "With Street Art against Censorship", Deutschlandfunk Kultur interviews UE student Ira Dorsch on cooperation with Reporters without Borders

Prof. Lauritz Lipp explains in Virtual Reality Magazine how 3D formats are revolutionizing teaching.




Ntv selects the winners of the German Service Award 2021, one of which is the University of Europe for Applied Sciences.







Alma Del Banco Award goes to UE student David Kern


UE Rector Prof. Dr. Maurits van Rooijen explains on Bildungsklick why the UK's exit from the Erasmus program is a mistake.

In the newsletter Wissen from ZEIT, UE is quoted in the teaser text regarding its positive handling of teaching during the Covid pandemic.



The Potsdamer Neueste Nachrichten reports on the new UE campus in Potsdam.

The Märkische Allgemeine Zeitung as well as the B.Z. (Berliner Zeitung) report about the UE Innovation Hub in Potsdam at the Jungfernsee.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Rieger is interviewed by Mannheimer Morgen about the significance of the lockdown with regard to sports.

UE is accredited by

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