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Complaint Process

At UE we care about our students. Find out more how we manage student affairs and how our service and academic staff assists you with your concerns.

Complaint Process at UE

UE’s service and academic structure is designed to manage student affairs. Our service and academic staff are dedicated to helping our students so they can study successfully with minimal distractions. If you have questions about study fees, semester tickets, study schedule, job/internship opportunities, grades, diplomas, etc., please write an email to service.center@ue-germany.de.

Contact your campus program leader if you have an academic question concerning your study program, course/module content, thesis topic, academic progression, professors, or adjunct teaching staff, etc. Visit our academic organigram if you are not sure who your program leader is.

Our service and academic staff will make every effort to attend to your needs right away, however, some queries might take a bit of time – especially, when the issue is more complex.

Complaint Process at UE

In the unlikely event that your issue could not be solved to your satisfaction, UE has defined a four-level escalation process (see below).

To initiate the complaint process, please write an email to service.center@ue-germany.de with only the word Complaint in the subject line. Please note that only emails from the official ue-germany.de domain can be processed. At the top of the main body of your email, describe your issue in plain words. Then describe its history. Complaint emails will be addressed differently than regular queries as they enter a different process. Please ensure you go through the enquiry route first to allow for the right teams to address this in the first stage. During the complaint process you will receive regular status updates.

Some rules to help speed up the process:

  1. State only one issue per mail.
  2. If you have a second complaint, write a second email about the second issue. This will help us solve your complaint more easily.
  3. Do not label normal questions as complaints! This will slow down the process of answering your questions.
  4. Do not contact multiple persons with the same complaint. Staff will respond more quickly if you send only one

Escalation levels