Pink Bear Pavilion

A landmark installation by LUAP commissioned by the UE


Introducing the Pink Bear Collaboration: A bold union of creativity and innovation! Prepare to be captivated as the University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE) proudly unveils the magnificent Pink Bear Pavilion, a stunning testament to the collaborative genius of British artist LUAP (Paul Robinson).
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The Pink Bear in Numbers

2 years in the making
3 countries in involved
Height - 4 m
Recycyled Plastic - 2500 kg
Total Weight - 3500 kg
12 UE student works projected inside
3D printed by 8 Robotic ABB arms
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The Pink Bear Pavilion in a Nutshell


The Pink Bear Pavilion will be featured at the Altonale Cultural Fair in Hamburg from May 30 to June 9, 2024. This event promises a unique blend of art and community engagement, reflecting the vibrant cultural scene of both cities.

Following its stint in Hamburg, the pavilion will move to Berlin for an exhibition at the UE Campus.


The pavilion champions environmental awareness by utilizing recycled materials and cutting-edge 3D printing technology. Inside, the dynamic inner vault serves as a canvas for projects by LUAP and 12 UE graduates and students. This presentation not only reflects the ethos of the Pink Bear but also emphasizes the importance of inclusion and diversity as central themes.

3D printer, printing a pink part


Combining traditional sculpture with the latest technology and design, the Pink Bear Pavilion showcases a unique blend of artistic methods. The process begins with a hand-sculpted 6cm head, which is then 3D scanned. This digital model is subsequently printed using 3D technology operated by eight ABB robotic arms. This innovative approach marries the tactile art of sculpture with precision robotics, creating a seamless fusion of past and future techniques. .


Studies have shown that the color pink is both calming and healing. Inside the Pavilion, visitors will experience a warm pink glow of light, thanks to the translucency of the plastic. This choice of color enhances the pavilion’s serene and restorative ambiance, providing a soothing environment for all who enter. The gentle pink light not only creates a visually appealing space but also fosters a sense of peace and well-being, aligning perfectly with the pavilion’s themes of inclusion and diversity.

Artist posing in front of his artwork and 3d printing machines

About LUAP

Paul Robinson (b. 1982, Grimsby, UK), professionally known as LUAP, is a British contemporary artist currently based in London. He works in various mediums such as painting, photography, performance, and sculpture. LUAP delves into themes related to the human condition and environmental concerns, drawing from his personal experiences. Utilizing his own photography as a foundation, he blends abstraction and hyperrealism to create dynamic representations of his unique worldview. This classical technique is complemented by his adventurous spirit, as he seeks out extreme environments and tests his endurance to enhance his well-being while capturing striking photographs.

At the heart of LUAP’s work is “The Pink Bear,” a symbol that emerged from his Cognitive Behavioural Therapy sessions. This emblem encapsulates the range of human experiences and serves as a medium for connection, exploration, and revelation. LUAP’s art has been exhibited internationally, including in cities such as London, New York, Dubai, Hong Kong, and Berlin. He has collaborated with prestigious institutions and brands such as Christie’s, Nikon, Fortnum & Mason, and Marriott International. Notably, a Pink Bear print sold for three times its listed price at a Christie’s auction to benefit the Terrence Higgins Trust.
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students analyse photographs

The LUAP Pink Bear Scholarships

At UE, we're dedicated to nurturing an inclusive learning environment that embraces diversity. In line with this commitment, we're excited to introduce the 'LUAP Pink Bear Scholarships', a collaborative effort aimed at promoting diversity and inclusion within our community. These scholarships, generously funded by UE, underscore our mission to make education accessible to all.
Starting June 7th, 2024, we'll be offering a total of 17 scholarships exclusively for undergraduate students at UE campuses in Germany. These scholarships not only provide financial support but also serve as a testament to our belief in the power of diversity to enrich the educational experience for all. We invite eligible students to seize this opportunity to further their education and contribute to our vibrant, inclusive community.
Applications are open starting the 7th of June. Become part of our commitment to fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment at UE.

Step inside the Pink Bear Pavilion, an extraordinary space where creativity and innovation come to life within the whimsical setting of a giant pink bear head. This unique pavilion showcases the incredible talents of our students and graduates. Highlights include Gary Emweka’s audiovisual masterpiece, which explores the representation of marginalized groups with a focus on black culture, and Lia Wortelker’s insightful project on feminism, featuring a video where artists explain different movements within the feminist sphere. These are just a few of the many diverse and thought-provoking projects you will find. Check out the attached images for a sneak peek, and make sure to visit the Pink Bear Pavilion to experience all the inspiring work on display.

  • Gary Emekwa

  • Olivia Lehmann

  • Fransizka Frahmm

  • Lia Wortelker

“The topics of inclusion and diversity are close to my heart anyway, and being able to present our work within The Pink Bear during Altonale is just incredible.” – Fenja Rebell
Fenja Rebell

Cooperation Partners

The Pink Bear Gallery

Experience the journey of the Pink Bear Pavilion through these images, you can check out photos of the construction, detailed shots of the 3D printing process, and images of the final pavilion.

  • 3D printer, printing a pink part
  • Artist watching 3d printers work

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Exciting News Alert! ✨ Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of creativity and innovation – materialized through the one (and only) #Pink #Bear Pavilion! 🐾 We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with the one and only LUAP (aka Paul Robinson), a contemporary British artist who lives and works in London. 🐻🐾 Brace yourselves for the unveiling of the #Pink #Bear #Pavilion at the Altonaler Balkon during the #Altonale Festival from May 30 to June 9, 2024! The Pavilion itself takes the shape of a larger-than-life Teddy Bear head that comes in a flashy pink. The video showcases the production process of the outer shell of the Pink Bear Pavilion. Weighing in at 2,500 kg, this 3D-printed recycled plastic marvel was crafted by not two, not four, but eight robotic arms that undoubtedly put in some overtime in the past weeks to prepare for Hamburg and get everything ready on time. 🤖💖 Special thanks to our friends at Nagami for crafting the sculpture and overseeing the robotic arms. 🐾 This collaboration goes beyond art; it’s about crafting an immersive experience like never before! Picture yourself stepping into a four-meter-tall bear’s head and being enveloped in LUAP’s childhood memories. But wait, there’s more! Inside the pavilion, you’ll find the final works of 12 UE graduates, showcasing a blend of art, design, and cutting-edge technology! 🐾 The Pink Bear Pavilion isn’t just a sculpture; it’s a symbol of connection, inclusion, and diversity! Plus, we’re thrilled to announce that UE will be awarding 17 ‘LUAP Pink Bear Scholarships’ as part of this incredible project! Stay tuned for more details on how to apply and be a part of this transformative experience! 🐾 Get ready to be inspired, amazed, and utterly captivated by the Pink Bear Pavilion! 🐻 Don’t miss your chance to witness our collaboration between art and academia! #pinkbearpavilion #LUAPxUE #artmeetstech #innovation #altonale #uegermany

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We are beyond excited to announce that the PinkBearPavilion is finally up and running at the altonale cultural fair in Hamburg! This incredible project has been more than 2 years in the making, and we are overjoyed to see it come to life thanks to the amazing collaboration with UK based artist LUAP and the talented nagami design team from Spain. uegermany #fyp #art #students

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