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Psychology, BSc

Globalisation is making our society increasingly mobile, different worlds of thoughts and values are coming together and processes are becoming more complex. Psychologists deal with the experience and behaviour of people in their different circumstances and can use their specialist knowledge to explain and predict complex issues and decisively improve processes with their clients.

In our Bachelor’s degree programme Psychology, you will learn from renowned professors from science and industry, who have expert knowledge in areas such as clinical psychology, occupational psychology or business psychology. In addition, you can actively shape your studies and your career path through individually selectable specialisations and an interdisciplinary choice of subjects.


The Psychology Bachelor programme comprises six semesters. Learn more about the study contents in the curriculum.
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Key Facts about BSc Psychology

Our Locations

Find out everything about our locations in Hamburg, Berlin & Iserlohn!

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  • EU applicant standard: €708 per month
  • Non-EU applicant Standard: €12,100 per year

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Start your Bachelor’s programme in Psychology at UE Germany in Berlin and experience our Campus with its studios, lecture rooms, high-quality equipment and great atmosphere!

Start, Language & Credits

All about your Bachelor’s Degree at a glance:

  • ECTS: 180
  • Language: English (Berlin)/German (Iserlohn, Hamburg, Berlin)
  • Winter semester: September
  • Summer semester: March

Do you have any further questions? You may already find the answer in the most frequently asked questions.

Career Perspectives

The University of Europe for Applied Sciences can already look back on over 10 years of experience in the field of business psychology and is considered a pioneer in the private university sector. This experience is also incorporated into our Bachelor’s degree programme in Psychology B.Sc. which is offered without NC (Numerus Clausus).

As a UE student, you’ll have access to our Career Development Centre which will support and guide you through any career-related enquiry you may have.

Admission Requirements

Here are some things you will need for your application:

  • Completed application form
  • High School Diploma & language certificate
  • CV & letter of motivation
  • Copy of your passport

Do you have any further questions? Then have a look at our admission requirements.

Spotlight-Module: "Developmental Psychology: Childhood & Adolescence"

In the module 'Developmental Psychology: Childhood & Adolescence', you will acquire comprehensive knowledge about the development of children and adolescents. You will learn how to understand and support the psychological, social, and emotional developmental processes. Additionally, you will develop skills in interacting with young people and building strong relationships with them and their families.

You will engage with various methods and theories of developmental psychology, gaining insight into the challenges and opportunities of childhood and adolescent development. Furthermore, you will become familiar with relevant legal regulations and ethical guidelines to effectively apply them in practice..
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What happens after your studies?

There are various career paths after studying psychology. One option would be to work in the field of work and organisational psychology in companies, e.g. in the HR department or management consultancy. In the healthcare sector, you can work in hospitals, counselling centres or in the field of public health. If you are interested in education, you could work as a school psychologist or in youth welfare offices. Many psychologists also decide to work independently as a therapist, coach or counsellor.

If you would like to find out more about your career options after studying psychology without an NC, take a look at the video by the Professional Association of German Psychologists (BDP).
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Study psychology without NC

The University of Europe for Applied Sciences can already look back on over 10 years of experience in the field of business psychology and is considered a pioneer in the private university sector. When you study psychology at UE (without NC), the focus of our teaching is always on your individual development in small learning groups and a friendly, informal atmosphere.

Our curriculum is based on the requirements of EuroPsy (certification system of the European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations, EFPA). This means that after completing a wide range of professional qualification measures, including studying at UE, you can later obtain the EuroPsy certificate, which certifies that you have the relevant professional competences throughout Europe.
UE has been awarding scholarships every semester since 2021.

The Psychology Scholarship is aimed at anyone who wants to pursue a forward-looking career in psychology and break new ground. Apply for this scholarship with your vision in your letter of motivation and secure financial support. Click here for more information and access to the application form.

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The University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE) offers this Bachelor’s study programme with a foundation diploma. The Foundation diploma in Business/Tech/Psychology will help you to acquire the necessary English language proficiency you need to enrol in to our English-taught degrees. This will not just allow you to gain a sneak peek into your programme, but also ensure you will meet the admission requirements at UE to start your dream course. During this Bachelor’s degree with our foundation diploma, you’ll gain the following skills during the first semester:

  • Intermediate English-level 5.0 IELTS
  • Office package
  • Mathematics
  • Scientific Writing
  • Research planning
  • Culture Skills/Networking
  • Setting up and completing a final project

Your benefit: The cost of this foundation diploma will be rewarded as a credit for the 6th and final semester of your Bachelor’s programme at UE!

When applying in our online application portal, please choose the option “Undergraduate + Foundation Diploma”.

Learn from our Experts

Here you will find further valuable information about our professors and their career.

Prof. Dr. Frank Esken

Prof. Dr. Frank Esken

Dr. Frank Esken is the Programme Director for Psychology at University of Europe for Applied Sciences, Iserlohn campus. Visit us to know more
Prof. Dr. Silke Heuse

Prof. Dr. Silke Heuse

Dr. Silke Heuse is the Programme Leader for Psychology and Vice Dean for the Business department at the University of Europe for Applied Sciences, Hamburg Campus.
Prof. Dr. Janina Hulsebusch

Prof. Dr. Janina Hülsebusch

Prof. Dr. Janina Hülsebusch is a Professor at the University of Europe for Applied Sciences at Campus Iserlohn.
Dr. Anna Maria Pleser-Scher

Dr. Anna Maria Pleser-Scher

Learn more about Dr. Anna Maria Pleser-Scher, Lecturer for Psychology (B.Sc.) , Campus Hamburg at University of Europe for Applied Sciences.
Prof. Dr. Uda-Mareke Risius

Prof. Dr. Uda-Mareke Risius

Learn more about Prof. Dr. Uda-Mareke Risius, Programme Director Psychology (B.Sc.) , Campus Berlin at University of Europe for Applied Sciences.

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