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Studying Business and Management at the University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE) means getting taught in a professional field that is exciting, diverse and internationally relevant. We combine the classic teaching of Business and Management Studies with the topics of tomorrow: digital modules, soft skills and interdisciplinary teaching strengthen your vision and are at the centre of teaching at UE. In addition to entrepreneurial strategic thinking, managers and leaders must also have social skills as well as the ability to motivate a team. From day one, you will not only learn theoretical knowledge but also actively apply it in practical projects and benefit from the opportunity to acquire further additional qualifications through our acceleration courses offered by companies such as IBM and Amazon exclusively for UE students. UE brings out courageous and creative minds who can later lead a forward-looking company in the international economy.

Business and Management Studies BSc

As a business student at UE, you will be prepared by our international lecturers for your career start in the private sector.
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Our Locations

Find out everything about our locations in Berlin, Hamburg, Iserlohn and Dubai.

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Admission Requirements

Here are some things you will need for your application:
Completed application form
CV & letter of motivation
Copy of your passport

Fees & Funding

  • EU applicants standard: € 708 monthly
  • Non-EU applicants standard: € 12,100 yearly
  • Dubai applicants:
    AED 50,820 yearly

Need more information? Check out our fees and funding page!

Semesters & Credits

You study for 6 semesters and gain 180 ECTS.

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Career Perspectives

A business degree opens up a variety of career prospects across different industries and functions. Some potential career paths after completing a business degree are for example Consulting, Entrepreneurship or Human Resources.

Students at Berlin Campus

Studying in Germany

We put emphasis on internationality. That's why we were ranked as "one of the best 25 international universities worldwide" (U-Multirank 2016). Our many international students come from all over the world to pursue a highly valued (state and FIBAA recognised) German degree that is entirely taught in English. We are also ranked as one of the top ten performers in the Business Studies category in universities in Germany in 2018 (U-Multirank 2018).
Germany, known as the country of innovators, the largest economic power and the centre of high tech and automotive technologies in Europe, the perfect place to get your degree. Additionally, Germany is a particularly safe and liveable country with relatively low tuition fees and affordable living costs. Furthermore, Berlin is known as Europe's start-up capital, magnet for creatives, and "the place to be" for young people and entrepreneurs. That's why we encourage international students to come here and study with us. You can apply with your national school degree now. We will then take a look at your application and guide you through the process.
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Why Business studies at UE

The University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE) is state-accredited, has received multiple awards and is a worldwide leader among universities with an international approach. Here you will study in small groups. This guarantees you individual support and personal contact with the professors, who are experts in their industries. You will notice our practical approach from the first semester. The variety in our courses allows you to determine the content of your studies yourself. The university offers modern equipment like smart boards, Mac pools and more. We focus on your development. That's why we teach in small learning groups and in a friendly and personal atmosphere. You will be taught by renowned lecturers with both scientific and business backgrounds. You will study at a centrally located campus, equipped with the latest technology, and known for its international character.

Our spotlight modules

Our programme includes, in addition to the core competencies of business administration, economics, law, other subjects that you may choose according to your career goals: Management & Controlling,  Modern Marketing, Digital Business, Entrepreneurship, International Management, or Customer Relationship Management.

With our specialisations, you can plan your education even more precisely according to your individual goals. In addition to two internships lasting several weeks, you have the opportunity to deepen your knowledge on an international level during your semester abroad.

Modern Marketing

Topics of the elective module

  • Topics of big data, artificial intelligence, automatic machine learning in the overall context of marketing
  • Evaluation dimensions of the efficiency and reach advantages possible with digital communication
  • Development of sustainable purpose strategies that go beyond advertising messages
  • Description of how a new demand for control in IT and online marketing arises for classical marketing

Digital Business

Topics of the elective module

  • Digital business technologies and implementation of modern tools for optimised business processes
  • Organisation of a success-oriented project management also with agile instruments and methods
  • Illustration of the foundation of a business model and the planning of a start-up company
  • Holistic change in corporate management through digitalisation
  • Value creation of digital business


Topics of the module

Soft Skills a.o.:

  • Models to explain the phenomenon of “communication”
  • Cultural concepts: Interculturality, cultural identity
  • Questioning techniques, objection handling, negotiation technique

Agile & Creative Methods a.o.:

  • Agility, creativity and problem solving: concepts, origins, contexts 
  • Definitions and getting to know project management
  • Conceptualisations of agility, design thinking and creative methods

UE Pre-Course in Dubai

Starting this year, students interested in studying at the UE Campus in Dubai, will have the option to enrol into our Bachelor Pre-Course programmes.

Programmes offered:

  • B.Sc. Business & Management Studies with Pre-Course
  • B.Sc. Digital Business and Data Science with Pre-Course

Complete the UE Pre-Course and the cost will be credited towards your final semester of Bachelor studies at UE!

Note: In the application process, please select the option “Undergraduate + Foundation Diploma”. 

"It's not just theory, it's practice; it's real-world experiences."

Meet Sarah - a 3rd-semester student of our Bachelor's programme Business and Management Studies at our Berlin Campus. Find out more about her UE experience and why she has decided to move from California (US) to Berlin.
Foundation Diploma for Bachelor’s degree programme in Business Management Studies

UE Foundation Diploma in Germany

The University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE) offers a foundation diploma in preparation for the Bachelor’s degree programme in Business Management Studies. The programme not only prepares you optimally for the business studies programme at UE, but also fulfils the necessary admission requirements after successful completion. In just one semester, the foundation diploma Business/Tech will improve your English language skills and strengthen your intercultural competences in addition to your basic business knowledge. 

You will be equipped with the following skills:

  • Intermediate English-level
  • MS Office package
  • Mathematics
  • Scientific Writing
  • Research planning
  • Culture Skills/Networking
  • Setting up and completing a final project

Your advantage: The costs for this foundation diploma will be credited towards the 6th and final semester of your Bachelor studies at UE! Read all about the foundation diploma Business/Tech as well as our curricula and start your Bachelor studies at UE.

Note: In the application process, please select the option “Undergraduate + Foundation Diploma”. 

Cooperation Partners

Gain access to internships and real-life projects in a range of leading companies and cultural institutions.

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  • Stern
  • Canon Logo
  • Axel Springer
  • UE Germany Cooperation Partners - BASF

Learn from our Experts

Here you will find further valuable information about our professors and their career.

Prof. Dr. Britta Ruhnau

Prof. Dr. Britta Ruhnau

Prof. Dr. Britta Ruhnau is the Vice Dean of Business at University of Europe for Applied Sciences at Iserlohn campus.
Prof. Dr. Thomas Burgartz

Prof. Dr. Thomas Burgartz

Dr. Thomas Burgartz is the dean of the Economics faculty and Head of various Bachelor and Master programs at UE Germany, Iserlohn campus.
Prof. Dr. habil. Daniel F. Heuermann

Prof. Dr. habil. Daniel F. Heuermann

Dr. habil. Daniel F. Heuermann is the Professor for Economics and Vice-Dean at the University of Europe for Applied Sciences, Berlin campus. More info here!
Prof. Dr. Ebbo Tücking

Prof. Dr. Ebbo Tücking

Learn more about Prof. Dr. Ebbo Tuecking, Programme Coordinator BMS and dual programmes at UE campus Iserlohn.

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