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MBA with Specialisation in Diplomacy.

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Shaping Global Relations

The growth of globalisation requires all modern managers to think critically in order to recognise areas of growth for their organisation. Therefore, growing economic cooperation between nations as well as the increasing influence of the private sector in government policy making represents a special opportunity for organisations to develop new avenues for growth. Within the framework of the MBA Diplomacy, you will learn how to deal with the complexities in analysing and managing an ever-evolving global economy. Governments and business organisations are now more conscious that they need better trained officials to help them achieve their objectives in promoting business and trade, and for maintaining international security. This is precisely the training that our new and unique MBA Diplomacy will focus on.

MBA Diplomacy

During the 2nd and 3rd semester, you will deep dive into the specialised modules "The Science and the Dynamics of Diplomacy" as well as "Diplomacy in Action".
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Key Facts about MBA Diplomacy

Admission Requirements

Here are some things you will need for your application:
Completed application form
Diploma / Bachelor certificate & language certificate
CV & letter of motivation
Copy of your passport

Fees & Funding

  • EU applicant standard: €1,012 per month
  • Non-EU applicant Standard: €13,500 1st year
  • Dubai: 51,800 AED on the 1st year

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Quality of life at Dubai

Studying in Dubai: Dubai is an extraordinary city, pulsating with life, innovation, and opportunity. A dream destination for students who aspire to global success, Dubai provides the ultimate backdrop for students to live and learn. From its dynamic culture to its limitless possibilities, Dubai promises to exceed your wildest aspirations.

Semesters & Credits

You study for 3 semesters and gain 90 ECTS.
Do you have any further questions? You may already find the answer in the most frequently asked questions.

Studying in Berlin: nowhere else can you combine student flair and a career as easy as here. Between start-ups and international companies, you can take a targeted approach to your career. The city’s diverse corporate scene offers you the ideal starting point to further develop your strengths and try out unfamiliar terrain.

Our Locations

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Spotlight Module: "Diplomacy in Action"

This specialisation unit comprehensively advances a contextual and conceptual understanding of Modern Diplomacy. It investigates the evolution of the geopolitical landscape alongside the major developments, technologies and global crises that have cast renewed emphasis on the importance of diplomatic practice in advancing national interests and foreign policy.

Gain expertise in identifying key actors and stakeholders in geopolitical relations, while delving deep into the conceptual and theoretical frameworks of modern diplomacy. Navigate the challenges of hyper-globalization and digital disruption, mastering critical evaluation of diplomatic initiatives. Equip yourself to design strategic diplomatic interventions that foster positive communication, negotiation, and multilateral relations in our evolving global landscape.

What happens after your studies?

After your studies, you will not only be an expert in business issues, but above all you will have the best qualifications and thus be decisive for the success of projects in various industries and organisations.
  • Expected Salary: €70,000 to €100,000 annually depending on the experience, industry etc.
  • Career Opportunities: International Organizations, Consulting & Nonprofit and Development Organizations
  • Skills: Networking and Relationship Building, Leadership and Management & Diplomatic Skills

If you’re still uncertain about whether an MBA is the right choice for you, our blog post discussing the pros and cons of choosing an MBA could help you out.

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Students enjoying together on terrace

Cooperation Partners

Gain access to internships and real-life business projects with a range of leading companies to boost your career.

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Learn from our Experts

Further valuable information about our professors and their career.

Dr Nabil Ayad

Dr Nabil Ayad is one of our renowned professors for the MBA Diplomacy at the University of Europe for Applied Sciences. More info here!
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Prof. Dr. Werner Frese

Prof. Dr. Werner Frese

Learn from our economics expert Prof. Dr. Werner Frese and start your Master’s degree at the University of Europe for Applied Sciences.
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Dr. Myszka Gużkowska

Dr. Myszka Gużkowska is one of our renowned professors for the MBA Diplomacy at the University of Europe for Applied Sciences. More info here!
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Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Merkle

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Merkle

Learn from our marketing expert Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Merkle and study Marketing Management at the University of Europe for Applied Sciences.
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