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MBA Diplomacy

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MBA Diplomacy

The growth of globalisation requires all modern managers to think critically in order to recognise areas of growth for their organisation. Therefore, growing economic cooperation between nations as well as the increasing influence of the private sector in government policy making represents a special opportunity for organisations to develop new avenues for growth. Within the framework of the MBA Diplomacy, you will learn how to deal with the complexities in analysing and managing an ever-evolving global economy. Governments and business organisations are now more conscious that they need better trained officials to help them achieve their objectives in promoting business and trade, and for maintaining international security. This is precisely the training that our new and unique MBA Diplomacy will focus on.

MBAs at UE are characterised by seminar-style lectures. In these, the content is taught to students through a workshop style, with many practical exercises in groups. Application-oriented and forward-looking.

Note for international students: Full-time MBA students can obtain a regular student visa.

Start | Language of Instruction

  • Winter semester: September
  • Summer semester: March
  • English


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  • EU applicants standard: € 925 monthly

  • Non-EU applicants standard: € 12,332 yearly

Credits | Duration | Degree

  • 90 ECTS ( 3 semesters)

  • Master of Business Administration

Career perspectives

  • senior Diplomats, Ministers, and Ambassadors.
  • members of staff for international and regional organisations such as the UN, NATO, EU, the World Bank, GCC,

What makes our MBA Diplomacy special


The MBA Diplomacy comes at a time when new concepts and models in diplomacy and diplomatic training are needed to work in connection with time-honored precepts and priorities in addressing a wide array of national and global challenges.
The MBA Diplomacy is designed to serve the needs of members of the Berlin Diplomatic Corps, Consulates in Germany, members of international and regional organisations, staff of multinational corporations, other officials and graduates interested in pursuing further academic and professional studies, leading to the award of the MBA.


The MBA degree is a multidisciplinary blend of academic studies and professional training.

Candidates will be introduced to the various aspects of diplomatic practice, procedures and dynamics; structure and functions of the digital nation state; image projection, reputation management, nation branding and cross-cultural communication; projection and perception; promotion of international business and trade; economic diplomacy; science diplomacy and international policy; disruptive technologies, public diplomacy; strategic defence diplomacy; protocol and etiquette; diplomatic missions and the media; international security; global tolerance, peace studies and civil-military relations.


The MBA Diplomacy benefits from the long-standing experience and expertise of its academic faculty. It is led by Prof. Dr Nabil Ayad, who set up previously the diplomacy programmes at various universities in the United Kingdom, including Westminster, East Anglia and Loughborough.

Currently Director of the Global European Diplomatic Academy (GEDA) and team of academics, experts and professionals who have a proven track record in supervising PhD theses, running master’s Degrees, executive programmes and training courses for members of the Diplomatic Corps in London, Paris and Rome, staff of overseas Ministries for Foreign Affairs, and other government departments as well as staff of international and regional organisations and graduates aspiring to an international career.

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Learn from our Experts

Here you will find further valuable information about our professors and their career.

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Prof. Dr. Werner Frese

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Dr. Myszka Gużkowska

Dr. Myszka Gużkowska is one of our renowned professors for the MBA Diplomacy at the University of Europe for Applied Sciences. More info here!
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Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Merkle

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Merkle

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