UE JumpStart

UE JumpStart

Micro-credential Workshops

UE JumpStart

UE JumpStart is a mandatory micro-credential offered to all incoming Erstis (new students). It consists of four mandatory workshops designed to assist you in developing and refining the skills, strategies, and study habits necessary to succeed in your study programme. JumpStart not only introduces you to UE culture, but is a safe place where you can bring your questions and concerns about what it means to study, learn, and succeed at UE. Each week a new workshop introduces valuable academic skills.

UE JumpStart Micro-credential workshop 1

Workshop 1

Getting Started at UE: Note taking, professor expectations, & Mindset
UE JumpStart Micro-credential workshop 2

Workshop 2

Integrity Matters & Research Strategies (Library sources)
UE JumpStart Micro-credential workshop 3

Workshop 3

Writing Strategies for Success (Academic writing)
UE JumpStart Micro-credential workshop 4

Workshop 4

Strategies for learning success (stress & time management).

Students earn a badge for each workshop by attending and passing an assignment that they begin during the workshop. Assignments are pass/fail – grades are assessed on whether students have demonstrated the workshop competencies. At the end of the four weeks, students who earn all 4 badges will earn a ‘UE JumpStart’ Certificate of Achievement.

Study Skill support & workshops

  • Time Management
  • Stress Management
  • Exam Preparation
  • Collaborative Work etc.

Contact us

If you need more information about Student Success Centre Services: success.centre@ue-germany.de

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