Academic Study: Is It Just About Studying, or Is There More to It?

Academic Study: Is It Just About Studying, or Is There More to It?

So you finally finished high school and you’re excited about a fresh start in your undergraduate studies?The final high school exams are finally behind you and you want to enjoy student life to the fullest—or perhaps not? Is there only studying hiding behind the façade of an academic study program, or is there more to it? The UE will get to the bottom of this question!

University or Specialized College—Research or Practice?

Would you rather pursue a practice-oriented program of study or one with a strong research component? This is the factor that distinguishes a university from a specialized college.

As a student at a university, you’ll have to show more independent initiative as a student, answering questions for yourself through revision and independent studying. This path is the right one for you if you prefer more flexibility in designing your schedule or you’d like to focus more on theory. The university teaches you how to research, as reflected in your evaluation results, such as from several exams at school and written assignments completed at home.

The advantages of a specialized college include the small course groups, where you might feel like you’re in school again. However, you can only benefit from this!You have close contact with your instructors and your program features a stronger emphasis on practical elements. There is also more variety in your evaluations, which are tailored to your program. According to your topic of study, you’ll also give lectures and pitches, develop simulations and conceptualization or take written exams, in which you solve problems based on sample cases.

Academic Study = Socializing?

Your academic studies are most definitely your ideal new source for friendships. Where else besides during your studies could you get to know so many new people all at once?Start with your classmates—the first step towards getting to know them has already happened. You study the same things and sit together in the lectures, where conversations start quickly and the ice is broken. At parties for first years or welcome celebrations, you’ll meet even more people.

Do you want to actively design your university or college and bring about changes? Student associations and academic divisions offer you great possibilities for joining new groups. Join a committee and improve your lecture rooms or show your musical talent in the university choir or the college band!

Money and Experience in One Go!

Apart from simple studying, academic studies offer you many prospects for career training. Integrated internships and international/practical semesters expand your horizons. During a semester abroad, you will gain valuable experience and improve you language skills. Internships help you to get the first taste of working life, as well as to get a feel for which area of focus you should have when choosing your courses.

You don’t want to rely on your parents for funding during your studies?Working as a cashier or in a warehouse moving around merchandise is not so much your thing?As a student, you have the huge advantage of being able to apply for a student position. Companies seek qualified students like you, who want to gain their first work experience in their future career field.The work you do as a working student not only looks good on your resume. It can also help you with the decision of what professional direction to pursue after you graduate.

Hooray for Sports

Do you also want to stay active during your studies and are you looking for a fun, sporty activity–preferably something with your classmates?Universities and colleges have a huge selection of sport associations and events. From relaxing yoga all the way to kickboxing—as student, you’ll get it all for a fair price. What will be your next fitness challenge?

Naturally, academic study involves lots of studying. Depending on the program and the institution, you’ll have more or less studying to do in your dream program. For this, you’ll be rewarded later with a great job with good earning potential. An academic study program is demanding, and offers you the opportunity at the same time to develop yourself and your career. Let your ambitions take flight and make a run forward into the working world!

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