Job Skills Automotive Industry Part 1

Job skill: What does the automotive industry demand in non-engineers (Part 1)

They come in many shapes, colors, classes, and are sold by numerous dealers in large numbers. We are talking about automobiles.The many automotive brands and related industries offer you a perfect opportunity to find your dream job.In this guide we examine the application requirements in the areas of marketing, communication, and business in the automotive industry.

There is a role for everyone in the automotive industry!

The automotive industry and its related industries are broad and there are countless job prospects in different areas. You can find work directly with a manufacturer, at a domestic or international sales office, a supplier, or in one of the numerous dealers in the areas of business, marketing, and communication.Are you enthusiastic about the automotive industry but not sure which professional area it should be? In our  Business & Management Studies program you gain a wide range of knowledge on economic contexts and you can specialize in marketing, finances, entrepreneurship, as well as automotive management in your advanced studies! Even while you’re studying you have the opportunity to specialize in the area which you like most!

In the automotive industry, the relationships with customers and suppliers are extremely important and they should bring joy to you. A strong service orientation is therefore essential. With your open and friendly personality you are convincing in consultation and responsive to the requests of your counterpart.

As the industry is enormous, there are many employees and at large corporations internal communication is a big issue. Internal communication is very important for an open and transparent communication within the business. Only a seamless integration of information channels can ensure a harmonious workplace.Demonstrate that you can work independently in a structured manner but also that you’re a team player who is valued for the skills in decision-making and conflict resolution.

Creativity not just in designing vehicles

Before a new model is released, it is widely advertised. For that purpose you must be able to start a slick campaign that informs, awakens interest, but also doesn’t give too much away before the big launch.Here inventiveness and the ability to think outside the box are in demand. Create media campaigns and win over the press as well as potential buyers with your creatives.

You understand the language used by the target group? A good copy pays off in the automotive industry. Creative and enthusiastic auto experts are in demand for numerous auto magazines, alongside in-house publications and staff newsletters.Would you like to know what it’s like to be a journalist and how to deal with the media?In our Journalism program you get the perfect combination of creative journalism and important teaching units on communication and business.

Score with additional know-how

You know how to code in HTML, find it fun to program, and have a penchant for IT matters? You were able to start working with marketing tools even while studying or know how to use image editing software such as Adobe Photoshop?Then you are highly sought after in the marketing department, since you’re a very strong candidate with your qualifications and ability to assist your future team.

Especially at an auto maker it’s important that your spoken and written English knowledge is very good. Your work is not restricted just to Germany or to a single location. You work with international colleagues on campaigns and must be able to communicate so that no problem arises during the process.You can speak another language in addition, or about to start learning one? Even better for you!

Another bonus point for you in application is when you also have the basic understandings of law and controlling. If you have such, then you are able to quickly resolve problems on your own and work efficiently without having to wait long for a response from your colleagues in those two departments. Your analytical, strategical, and conceptional skills in these areas are highly valued in the sector.In our  Communication & Media Management bachelor’s program you obtain these important skills. In addition, there will be three semesters of English tuition so that you’re fully equipped for the globalized job market.

Your creatives genius in the automotive industry

Which skills do you need to be successful in the particularly creative areas such as photography, design, and illustration in the automotive industry? Don’t miss our next job skills guide that’s coming out on Friday, September 14, 2018!Would you like to know more about our creative programs? Find out more here.

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