How can a degree in psychology help you become a successful entrepreneur

How can a degree in psychology help you become a successful entrepreneur?

What comes to mind when you think about achieving success as an entrepreneur? Money, leadership, critical thinking, knowledge of market trends and other factors guide your decision to venture into the business sector. However, we rarely consider psychology as a contributing factor. It might come as a surprise to some that psychology can play a pivotal role in helping you become a successful entrepreneur.

Being an entrepreneur is not just about developing products and marketing them, but about building a community of skilled people who work hand-in-hand for the growth of the organisation. If this is what you aim for, pursuing psychology courses which help you understand business psychology will lead you to become a successful entrepreneur.

What is psychology?

Psychology is referred to as the science of studying human behaviour and the mind. The field is broad and allows us to understand how a person thinks and acts in a certain situation. Psychology has a wide scope in all industries as human thought processes influence decision-making and affect the development and growth of these sectors.

Psychological studies have been integrated into the business, sports, healthcare, IT, military and various other fields to improve the productivity and performance of people. As business is often guided by instincts, business psychology is gaining popularity among entrepreneurs in the highly competitive sector.

The importance of psychology in entrepreneurship

When it comes to business, our decisions are guided by how we feel. This is the reason why multinational corporations (MNCs) and start-ups spend a lot of money on creating interesting digital marketing campaigns. Understanding customer psychology is important in the effective management of services and products.

Employee satisfaction and coordination are equally important for any organisation to achieve success. Professionals with an excellent grasp of people’s minds are often more successful entrepreneurs than their peers.

A psychology degree prepares you to effectively address and solve the most complex business challenges. Who better than CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, to look up to when speaking about the benefits of psychology in entrepreneurship? Zuckerberg was enrolled in a psychology and computer science major at Harvard before dropping out and creating Facebook.

Guy Kawasaki, a marketing specialist popular for marketing Apple’s Mac computers, and Jamie Dimon, Chairman and CEO of JP Morgan Chase & Co, are among others who majored in a psychology degree at university.

How does a psychology degree give you entrepreneurial skills?

A business will only be successful if it is built on original ideas and the customers accept them. So, a psychology degree which takes you through behavioural sciences helps you better understand people and subsequently meet their expectations to achieve success.

Here is how a psychology degree can help you become a successful entrepreneur.

Improves analytical skills

The business sector involves complex analysis and critical thinking strategies to achieve the target. A psychology degree improves your analytical skills and helps you understand market trends better, thereby allowing you to come up with innovative ideas and make excellent decisions that develop your business.

Helps understand people

As mentioned above, employees and customers are the people who play crucial roles in the success of every business. Psychology improves your ability to connect with others and create friendly networks.

Connecting with your employees brings out the best in both parties, as knowing what the customer likes helps make significant steps in the business. A motivated team of workers and well-satisfied customers are the defining factors of success.

Expands marketing intelligence

Effective marketing incorporates a combination of psychology and data to target potential customers. Knowledge of entrepreneurship psychology helps answer some vital questions in business such as who your customers are, what they are like and what makes them choose your service. Knowing the answers to these questions often leads to successful marketing campaigns in the global business ecosystem.

Develops soft skills

Apart from market awareness and technical knowledge, soft skills are also very important in the business landscape. Being able to communicate and listen well, lead a team, motivate and inspire others while maintaining a work ethic are all crucial to building a successful business empire.

It is important to develop qualities such as kindness and compassion before becoming an entrepreneur, which will play a part in your success. Psychology courses equip you with the relevant skills required to make a name for yourself in any field you pursue.

Nikki Blacksmith, co-recipient of the 2021 APS Psychological Science and Entrepreneurship Poster Award, considers entrepreneurship as a process where psychological sciences guide a person to become what the world admires. It is often at the crossroads of entrepreneurship and psychology that great ideas are born.

If you are interested in learning more about psychological sciences, check out the BSc in Psychology and BSc in Business Psychology offered at the University of Applied Sciences Europe (UE). UE is one of the few private institutions in Germany offering a bachelor’s degree in business psychology as well as a standard psychology degree.

A degree in psychology enriches your knowledge about behavioural patterns enabling you to tackle complex situations and deal with different types of people effectively. While the business psychology degree teaches you the skills to create stress-free workplaces and prepare the employees to address new challenges. Both programmes involve active interaction and practical sessions with experts in the field to prepare you for employment in the field.

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