Yael Martínez

Yael Martínez

Yael Martínez is a Mexican photographer. Saying about himself: “trying to represent the relationship of absence and presence and this state of invisibility in a symbolic manner working with the concepts of pain, emptiness, absence, and forgetting”. 

He is the recipient of the Eugene Smith Award 2019 and was a fellow of the Photography and Social Justice Program of The Magnum Foundation. He won the 2nd Prize in the World Press Photo contests 2019 in the category of long-term projects. His work has been featured in group shows in America, Europe, Africa and Asia. His work has been published by: The Wall Street Journal, Blomberg news, Lens NY Times, Time, Vogue Italy, Vrij Nederland, Aperture

Photo by UE

Yael led an exclusive photo workshop at UE together with Nanna Heitmann in September 2022. Check our short video and get impressions about the collaboration.

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