Nanna Heitmann

Nanna Heitmann is a documentary photographer, based between Russia and Germany. As part of a cooperation between Magnum Photos and UE, she taught UE students about photographic topics. Her work has been published by TIME Magazine, M Le Magazine du Monde, De VolkskrantStern Magazine, and die Zeit, and she has worked on assignments for outlets including The New York TimesTIME Magazine, The Washington Post and Stern Magazine. She has received awards and accolades that include the Vogue Italia Prize at the PH Museum women photographers grant, World Report Award, and was shortlisted by the Gomma Grant and LensCulture emerging talents. Read more about her experience. 

Photo by Nanna Heitmann private

Check our short video and get impressions about the collaboration with Magnum Photos and the days at UE Campus back in September 2022.

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