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Luisa holds a Bachelor's Degree in Communications and Media Management from the UE and now works as an Account Executive in Sales for one of the world's largest software companies. She says there's always demand and growth in her industry.

Luisa was one of the first women in her industry: "There are few women in this business so far, I was something of a first mover. I got into my field of work through a contact at UE and quickly realized that I liked the IT industry. Once you're inside, the sales figures clearly show how good you are, and what I do, I do very successfully today."

Luisa says about her time as a student: "Of course, a good education was important, but I was also able to make a lot of relevant contacts - people at the university help each other out. There were also good role models. At the university in Iserlohn I had a lecturer who really impressed me. Especially when the road became a bit rocky in my later professional life, you can say to yourself: "Look, she did it. When you work as a woman in a male domain, it's important to have such role models."

Thanks to flexible course choices and sufficient free time in the timetables, it is no problem to work while studying. Luisa also financed her private studies by working for a fashion department store: "This enabled me to finance a good part of the study costs."

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