Multi Challenge Expert

Katharina completed a Bachelor’s degree in Sport and Event Management and a Master’s degree in Corporate Management from the UE. Today, she works for one of Germany’s best-known trade fair organisers.
To this day, Katharina’s studies at UE have helped her in her daily job: “Especially the project work and the tight deadlines have prepared me well for my profession. The activities I was involved with during my studies are very close to my everyday work. Many practical aspects that we have been taught at UE still help me today. More importantly, I learned the ability to work in a structured way and to plan ahead.”
Katharina likes to think back on her time at UE: “The studies not only prepare you for the job, they also keep you together – I’m still close friends with many of my fellow students because we didn’t just party together; we also learned through the nights. In terms of costs, private studies made no difference to state universities. So I stayed at home and, with the money I saved, I financed my private studies. So I went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in sports and event management at UE and then a master’s degree in corporate management.”

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