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Multi Level Player

Bengt completed his bachelor's degree in Sport & Event Management at the UE in 2017. At the time of the interview, he was working at Lagardère Sports as an associate brand consultant, looking after football clubs and sponsors. He says UE was the starting point for his career. He says UE was the starting point for his career.

In his spare time, he used to play football for TSV Sarau in the district league. The fact that he later became professionally active in this field was a coincidence. "Originally I wanted to study mechanical engineering. But when I unexpectedly received the promise of a partial scholarship for the UE, it quickly became clear to me that sport would be my future”.

To this day, Bengt's studies at UE have helped him in his everyday professional life, especially the courses in business administration which he had little knowledge in before. “The specialisation in football has also brought me a lot.” says Bengt, “This ranges from a profound knowledge of marketing to a good eye for trends in sport, which we even had as a subject). This content is now of great benefit to me."

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