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Digital Media & Marketing, BSc




From blockchain to virtual reality to artificial intelligence, media and marketing managers are helping to shape future trends. To ensure our students become visionary leaders in these areas, as well as subjects such as big data, Internet of Things, transnational PR, voice marketing, and programmatic advertising, UE has designed a degree that will provide them with expert knowledge that helps them stay ahead of their competitors.


By the time they graduate, our students have the competencies and leadership skills needed to work at an international level. Additionally, they’ll have well-founded interface knowledge in business administration/economics, media, communication, and management competence.



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Key Facts

Starting semesters

Starting semesters

· Winter semester: September

· Summer semester: March

· 6 Semesters in total (full-time)

Tuition fees | EU applicants

Tuition fees | EU applicants

Standard: € 708 monthly 


Save additional € 70 each month with our starter bonus.


Please find out more about our fees, additional savings, and your funding options.

Tuition fees | Non-EU applicants

Tuition fees | Non-EU applicants

Standard: € 12,100 yearly


Please find out more about our fees, additional savings, and your funding options.

Language of instruction

Language of instruction

English (UE Innovation Hub and Hamburg)

German (Hamburg and Iserlohn)




Bachelor of Science (BSc)*
*Accreditation in preparation, due to renaming of the study programme. Original name: Communication & Media Management

Internship semester / semester abroad

Internship semester / semester abroad

5th Semester

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180 ECTS



· eSports Studies

Campus and Virtual Tour

Campus and Virtual Tour

UE Innovation Hub, Hamburg and Iserlohn


Do you want to see our campus but aren't around? Check out our Virtual Campus Tour!


The Digital Media & Marketing BSc. programme comprises six semesters. In addition to the programme, there is the possibility to take a specialisation in eSports Studies. Find out more about the study contents in the curriculum.


Curriculum Digital Media & Marketing BSc.

Marketing and media managers must cover a wide range of skills in their future profession. Therefore, in addition to the core disciplines of internal and external communication and marketing, the Bachelor's programme teaches a broad spectrum of economic knowledge from the fields of business administration and media economics, micro and macroeconomics, accounting, the basics of statistics and business law. Students also learn methods of market research, writing press releases and creating media-usable content - from video and photos to text and audio - as well as the corresponding handling of content management systems.


In addition, students prepare themselves for a managerial position - this includes lectures in the fields of corporate management, strategic planning, project management and crisis communication, but also mediation techniques. In addition, students are trained in how they can accompany the digital transformation.


As virtual concepts are becoming more important in many industries, the latest virtual possibilities in the Virtual Reality study course enable students to design and realise projects for media and marketing-related content.


Semester abroad

A semester overseas is an integral part of the fourth semester of studies. Thanks to our wide-ranging university network with currently more than 40 partner universities, we offer students on all five continents the opportunity to spend a semester abroad. Within Europe, it is possible to participate in Erasmus+, with which students can secure a monthly grant during their studies abroad.


Specialisation & Degree

In the in-depth studies (the last two semesters), students independently choose specialisations which they tackle until graduation. These modules range from courses in Entrepreneurship (founding start-ups) to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Moderation in Radio & TV.


In accordance with the comprehensive course contents, graduates are offered a wide range of career opportunities when they start their careers. Our courses of study are FIBAA accredited and thus state-recognised - graduates receive a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) after completing their studies.

Study in small groups and friendly atmosphere at an international campus with renowned lecturers. Selectable specialisations, practical projects, field trips, semester abroad, and internships provide great career opportunities.

  • Practice-oriented work with media tools developed from the first semester
  • Individual support in small groups and in a family atmosphere
  • Optimal career prospects through freely selectable in-depth modules
  • Exclusive practical projects with partners from media management, business (from medium-sized companies to international corporations) non-profit organisations, agencies
  • Excursions
  • Semester abroad to deepen international competences
  • Renowned lecturers from science and practice
  • Research options through current tasks of the lecturers and the cooperation partners from practice (e.g. bachelor thesis projects)
  • High and diversified employability due to a visionary and differentiated curriculum concept

All locations have modern technology in the form of TV and radio studios as well as TV cameras and electronic reporting equipment.

Our study programmes at UE are NC-free (numerus clausus). We believe that a one-off, subjective grading should not influence your entire life planning. What counts for us, is a passion for your future profession, motivation and enthusiasm. That's why we select our applicants for the Digital Media & Marketing degree programme on the basis of the results of an entrance test, regardless of their previous school gradings. Our low dropout rate, which is far below the national average, shows that this concept has proven its worth. As a state-accredited university, our students are entitled to BAföG (governmental study funding) both in the Bachelor and Master programmes.

Start your Bachelor's degree programme at UE with the foundation diploma


The University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE) offers a foundation diploma in preparation for the Bachelor's degree programme in Digital Media and Marketing. The programme not only prepares you optimally for this media science programme at UE, but also fulfils the necessary admission requirements after successful completion. In just one semester, the foundation diploma Business/Tech will improve your English language skills and strengthen your intercultural competences in addition to your basic IT and business knowledge. The foundation diploma provides good guidance and an important first insight into UE's Business and Tech (B.Sc.) degree programmes.


You will be equipped with the following skills:


  • Intermediate English-level

  • MS Office package

  • Mathematics

  • Scientific Writing

  • Research planning

  • Culture Skills/Networking

  • Setting up and completing a final project


Your advantage: The costs for this foundation diploma will be credited towards the 6th and final semester of your Bachelor's studies at UE! Read all about the foundation diploma Business/Tech as well as our curricula and start your Bachelor's studies at UE.


Note: In the application process, please select the option "Undergraduate + Foundation Diploma". 



The University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE) is a state-accredited, has received multiple awards and is a worldwide leader among universities with an international approach. Here you will study in small groups. This guarantees you individual support and personal contact with the professors, who are experts in their industries.


You will notice our practical approach from the first semester. The variety in our courses allows you to determine the content of your studies yourself. The university offers modern equipment like Smart Boards, Mac pools and more.

In contrast to public universities, we place particular emphasis on teaching all our courses with a practical orientation. That is why both parts of the Communications Management course and the Media Management course include several practical projects. All our locations are equipped with the latest technology and offer students free access to the campus' own Virtual Reality Lab, radio & TV studio and Social Media War Room during their studies.


A variety of excursions, from visits to local companies, editorial offices, TV stations and news agencies to joint trips to destinations abroad, are also part of the study programme. Last but not least, in addition to regular interdisciplinary workshops for students, our locations offer many different events, from readings to information events, exhibitions and vernissages.

After graduation, the programme qualifies participants for a range of professional activities in the business, media and marketing sector, in corporate communications and public relations as well as in publishing and non-profit organisations (NGOs). Equally suitable professional fields are market research, film production and public affairs. Your knowledge of business management also qualifies you above average for management positions.

Graduates can - for instance - enter the following professional fields:


  • Brand manager

  • Content manager

  • Community manager

  • Crossmedia manager

  • Innovation manager

  • International communication manager

  • Online marketing manager

After years of many people's study and career decisions being based on the principle: "The main thing is to study something with media", the media landscape in Germany is now incredibly diverse and innovative - but unfortunately not always economically viable. In the past, corresponding degree programmes usually focused exclusively on the creative part of media production and sometimes completely neglected the business aspect. In the meantime, however, it has become apparent that many creative professionals are denied leading positions in the economy due to a lack of economic insight and commercial experience.


The Digital Media & Marketing degree programme trains students with the aim of combining the creative potential of typical media professions with knowledge of economic conditions and processes, planning ability and business management. Thus, after completing their Bachelor's degree, they become all-rounders in their field and are able to adapt flexibly to various positions as well as take on a leadership role.

As a private university, the University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE) is funded not by the state, but by tuition fees. For this reason, studying at University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE) costs more than at a public university. But it’s worth it:


  • Our graduates meet essential requirements of careers in business, and this sets them apart from the graduates of many public universities. Your employment and earnings prospects are greatly improved.

  • ​All tuition costs are included in the monthly tuition fee. No additional costs will be incurred, such as a matriculation fee, exam fees, an bachelor thesis fee or similar, as long as the course is completed within the standard study period.

The costs for the semester abroad are not included in these fees, as there are substantial differences depending on country and university.

We are happy to provide you more information on funding your studies and on any available scholarships. If you have any further questions, our Student Guidance Office can provide you with detailed information.

We put emphasis on internationality. That's why we were ranked as "one of the best 25 international universities worldwide" (U-Multirank 2016). Our many international students come from all over the world to pursue a highly valued (state and FIBAA recognised) German degree that is entirely taught in English. We are also ranked as one of the top ten performers in the Business Studies category in universities in Germany in 2018 (U-Multirank 2018).


Germany, known as the country of innovators, the largest economic power and the centre of high-tech and automotive technologies in Europe, the perfect place to get your degree. Additionally, Germany is a particularly safe and liveable country with relatively low tuition fees and affordable living costs. Furthermore, Berlin is known as Europe's start-up capital, a magnet for creatives, and "the place to be" for young people and entrepreneurs.


That's why we encourage international students to come here and study with us. You can apply with your national school degree now. We will then have a look at your application and guide you through the process.

You can apply a year in advance for your desired starting semester. To qualify for our Bachelor in Science programmes at University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE), you must meet the following requirements:


  • Fill in the online application form
  • Certified copy of your high school diploma or equivalent occupational certificate, including an internship
  • Entrance examination
  • Attend the personal interview online (e.g., via Skype)
  • Good English language skills

"The particularly pronounced international orientation and the teaching in English and German make the UE what it is".


Dominika chose the University of Europe for Applied Sciences because of the many opportunities it offers. And: during her studies she got to know herself anew. Find out more about UE students here.

Digital Media & Marketing BSc

Meet our very own Professor Dr. Angela Harre, Programme Director for Digital Media & Marketing at the University of Europe for Applied Sciences.

Digital Media & Marketing BSc

Meet our very own Professor Dr. Angela Harre, Programme Director for Digital Media & Marketing at the University of Europe for Applied Sciences.

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