International Public Health Management

International Public Health Management

If you are interested in healthcare and public health systems
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International Public Health Management, MSc

The Master’s degree programme in International Public Health Management is based on the idea of providing an interdisciplinary, international and research-oriented management education for planning, development and controlling tasks in the public health sector. The degree programme aims to impart qualifications which, in the sense of entrepreneurial thinking and acting, prepare students for the future requirements of a top management position in the public health sector with leadership and management responsibility.

The programme applies basic business administration and management skills (HR, Finance) to the specifics of the public health sector and combines them with core skills (health prevention, epidemiology) and complementary skills (research methodologies, CSR). The MSc in International Public Health Management focuses on the provision of a multidisciplinary, critically analytical and practice-based approach to the main challenges and issues in international public health management, planning and policy, which face the providers of health and health-related services.

Start | Language of Instruction

  • Winter semester: September
  • Summer semester: March
  • English


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  • EU applicants standard: € 820 monthly
  • Non-EU applicants standard: € 10,938 yearly

Credits | Duration | Degree

Study Option

Choose between the Standard Track (120 ECTS) and the Fast Track (60 or 90 ECTS) study options based on your previous education.

UE is offering the International Public Health Management Master Standard track in 4 semesters, but also as fast track options in 3 or 2 semesters. Learn more about the topics of study in the curriculum.


Why UE? Hear from our amazing alumni Lingyun and Soheil. They will explain why they started their studies at UE.

Our Master’s programme in International Public Health Management is designed to equip future public health leaders with the knowledge, skills and international perspective needed to tackle complex health challenges on a global scale.

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More flexible, more interdisciplinary, and more practice-oriented – the new Master’s programmes make the University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE) even more attractive! Students of selected MA programmes at UE have the choice of a Master’s degree in 60, 90, or 120 ECTS which gives them full flexibility. Students can apply for one of the three options depending on the education they’ve already achieved and how many ECTS they’ve already accumulated in their previous Bachelor’s (or Master’s) courses. Practical experience will also be taken under consideration.

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Learn from our Experts

Here you will find further valuable information about our professors and their career.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Rieger

Prof. Dr. Thomas Rieger

Dr. Thomas Rieger is the Dean of the Faculty Sports, Media & Event at University of Europe for Applied Sciences, Iserlohn campus. Visit us to know more!
Prof. Dr. Britta Ruhnau

Prof. Dr. Britta Ruhnau

Prof. Dr. Britta Ruhnau is the Vice Dean of Business at University of Europe for Applied Sciences at Iserlohn campus.

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