Topic Offer: Mental health of students has deteriorated rapidly

Since the beginning of Covid and especially since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, we can observe that the mental health of more and more students has suffered extremely and that at many universities the psychological consultation hours are overflowing. Prof. Dr. phil. Isabella von Wissmann, Head of the Business Psychology programme at the University of Europe for Applied Sciences in Hamburg, looks after many students in the psychological consultation hours at UE. For her, the reasons are obvious: too much bad news, too many aggressive social media discussions, more and more shitstorms, and with the start of the war in Ukraine, gruesome images from the war zone are now being added daily.”All the negative news is an optimal breeding ground for a mood on which personal, individual worries could then flourish particularly well,” explains Prof. Dr. phil. Isabella von Wissmann.In addition to worries about one’s own health, it is above all fears about the future, financial worries, loneliness and now also fear of war that trouble students. “The flood of real-time news and the fact that more and more news is being conveyed without text but via sometimes shocking images can trigger massive stress. Of course, this doesn’t leave students unscathed and has an impact on their mental health.” And with a view to the psychological consultation hours, Isabella von Wissmann sums up: “Obviously, processing and coming to terms with the topics on the current state of the world presents students with ever greater challenges.”What the Covid crisis and the Ukraine war and the associated flood of negative news trigger in us psychologically, what consequences brutal images of war can have for our mental state and how we can strengthen our mental health in these times – Prof. Dr. phil. Isabella von Wissmann can provide exciting, scientific answers and interesting psychological insights.

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