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Statement on Brand Identity

Prof. Dr. Ebbo Tücking

Read the full statement on “how to building a strong brand identity” from Ebbo Tücking, Professor for Marketing, Serial Entrepreneur, President of the Marketing Club South Westphalia in blog of Immaginaire:


The brand identity consists of name, logo, colours, shapes or jingles (e.g. Coca-Cola: iconic bottle, red colour, typography):


 Tip #1: Invest money and hire professionals for this task. Brand identity also is a bundle of associations from the perspective of the recipients (American values, happiness, youth).


Tip #2: See the world through your customers’ lens. Think yourself into customer segments. Don't be afraid to think in clichés. Segmentation cannot do without. Your brand should also convey a clear, outwardly visible attitude (making a difference, creating a better-shared future).


Tip #3: Develop your brand‘s purpose from the start. It encourages establishing a community and welds the team together.


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