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What Is MINT Anyway?

You’ve often heard the term “MINT,” but you’re not sure what to make of it?Today, the University of Europe for Applied Sciences will clear it up for you.

What Does “MINT” Stand For?

Careers and academic disciplines in the fields of:

Mathematik (Mathematics)

Informatik (Computer Science)

Naturwissenschaften (Natural Sciences)

Technik (Technology)

These fields amount to one of the central sectors of innovation in the global economy. With digitalization, the field of Structural Science has also been added to this list.

MINT for Girls

In this realm, the focus is on innovation, which stands for transformation and future-oriented thinking. MINT professionals drive growth and offer additional value to the national economy.

At the moment there is a shortage in these fields, since qualified employees are getting older and the younger generation still needs to advance. Therefore, the career prospects in this sector are better than they have ever been!

In the meantime, there are several options for programs of study directed specifically at women. Their potential has been neglected for decades, since women were more often directed towards the humanities or social sciences.Despite this neglect, many women number among the best scholars and engineers in the MINT fields.

What Are the Advantages of a Job in a MINT Field?

You’d rather have a steady job and avoid jumping from employer to employer?As a MINT professional, you’ll have good chances of finding permanent employment. Your extensive knowledge will make you a valuable employee, who companies will not want to miss out on.You’ll find a few career paths in the MINT fields  here.

Some other advantages of full-time employment include the pay and the career prospects. Compared to other employees, MINT professionals end up in leadership positions more often and earn more, on average, than other professionals.This is especially exciting when Business 4.0 and MINT come together. Management strategy development, combined with programming apps and social media management, is an important component of the program in  Digital Business & Data Science.

A position as MINT professional means a stable, well-paid job. Your work will be highly valued and you’ll drive the national economy forward.Whether you’re a woman or a man, many companies are looking for you, the next MINT Expert!

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