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Digital Business & Data Science

Learn more about the degree programme that will boost your creativity and advance your digial skills here.

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Digital Business & Data Science, BSc

Rapid change and globalisation are making ecosystems increasingly innovative and valuable. Studying the digital technology revolution as a driving force is key to understand future social, educational and cultural changes, as well as the transformation of digital businesses and the optimisation of e-government models. The Digital Business & Data Science (B.Sc.) degree programme is specifically designed for those interested in understanding and shaping this technology revolution in the future.

Start | Language of Instruction

  • Winter semester: September
  • Summer semester: March
  • English


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  • EU applicants standard: € 708 monthly
  • Non-EU applicants standard: € 12,100 yearly
  • Dubai applicants:
    AED 50,820 yearly

Credits | Duration | Degree

  • 180 ECTS
  • 6 semesters

Internship | Semester Abroad

5th semester
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The Digital Business & Data Sciences BSc, programme comprises six semesters. In addition to the programme, there is the possibility to take a specialisation in eSports Studies. Find out more about the study contents in the curriculum.

Digital Business & Data Science BSc

Forward-looking, academically relevant and versatile: Prof. Dr. Iris Lorscheid, head of the Digital Business & Data Science degree programme at the University of Europe for Applied Sciences, on her degree programme. Watch the entire video here!

Experience the gateway to innovation and strategic excellence in the digital landscape. The Digital Business & Data Science Bachelor’s degree programme at the University of Europe for Applied Sciences is your key to unlocking the dynamic intersection of business strategy and cutting-edge data science.

dbds foundation diploma

UE Foundation Diploma

The University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE) offers a foundation diploma in preparation for the Bachelor’s degree programme in Digital Business and Data Science. The programme not only prepares you optimally for this tech-savvy programme at UE, but also fulfils the necessary admission requirements after successful completion. In just one semester, the foundation diploma Business/Tech will improve your English language skills and strengthen your intercultural competences, in addition to your basic business knowledge. The foundation diploma provides good guidance and an important first insight into UE’s Business and Tech (B.Sc.) degree programmes.

You will be equipped with the following skills:

  • Intermediate English-level
  • MS Office package
  • Mathematics
  • Scientific Writing
  • Research planning
  • Culture Skills/Networking
  • Setting up and completing a final project

Your advantage: The costs for this foundation diploma will be credited towards the 6th and final semester of your Bachelor’s studies at UE! Read all about the foundation diploma Business/Tech as well as our curricula and start your Bachelor’s studies at UE.

Note: In the application process, please select the option “Undergraduate + Foundation Diploma”. 

UE Campus in Dubai

UE Pre-Course in Dubai

Starting this year, students interested in studying at the UE Campus in Dubai, will have the option to enrol into our Bachelor Pre-Course programmes.

Programmes offered:

  • B.Sc. Business & Management Studies with Pre-Course
  • B.Sc. Digital Business and Data Science with Pre-Course

Complete the UE Pre-Course and the cost will be credited towards your final semester of Bachelor studies at UE!

Note: In the application process, please select the option “Undergraduate + Foundation Diploma”. 

Cooperation Partners

Gain access to internships and real- life business projects in a range of leading companies.

  • UE Germany Cooperation Partner - Merck

    Science and Tech

  • kloeckner.i

    Innovation hubs


    Fintech incubators

Learn from our Experts

Here you will find further valuable information about our professors and their career.

Prof. Dr. Iris Lorscheid

Prof. Dr. Iris Lorscheid

Dr. Iris Lorscheid is the Vice-Rector of Research, Programme Leader Business Informatics & Data Science at UE Germany, Hamburg campus.

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