In plain language please! What’s behind a Media Management degree

In plain language please! What’s behind a Media Management degree

Which degree is right for me? So that you have a clear view, we are taking you behind the scenes. This article outlines all the information on the topics of career prospects, work routines, and career opportunities after a Media Management degree.

Social media and blogs, TV and film production, corporate communication, or the music business, media today have many faces. In the previous century, media almost exclusively served to entertain. But nowadays, the diverse formats are turning the economy upside down. You will learn here why it is worth entering this field as a media manager and what kinds of exciting tasks await you after your Media Management degree.

Media Management degree – This is what it’s all about

Just like you communicate or spread your ideas to the world for example on Facebook or Instagram, businesses from start-ups to major corporations also want to make use of these channels.

For them it is about attracting attention above all else. This is in short supply today. It works out best by producing content, videos, social media posts, texts, photos, and many more. Businesses recruit creative minds and have them on board: copywriters, designers, media and conceptualization professionals. And they are always in conflict with the management.

Money is the most contentious issue: While most creators know how to successfully put the spotlight on the business, they are confronted by the budget set by the management.

“Those who have studied Media Management combine the understanding of both sides for each other”,

says Prof. Dr. Jens Müller, media expert in ZDF Corporate Planning and founding dean of the Communication & Media Management (B. Sc.) at BiTS.

Areas of work and sectors

Managerial skills meet creative intelligence, which sounds like a recipe for success to open all doors. At least in the media sector this is true: Graduates are in demand at all places where media are used directly or indirectly to make money. In other words, almost everywhere.

In order to gain the necessary vision, you will complete courses on the basics of business studies and economics, accountancy, tax, and commercial law. Moreover, there are events in the areas of marketing and design, and you will try different media formats to learn how you can monetize them. So you will become either a facilitator between both camps or make sound decisions on how your company makes use of media.

Career opportunities after your Media Management degree

In a world where more and more count on media, graduates are in a strong position. What exactly you might see on your payslip is however hard to predict. After all the Media Management degree leads to the most diverse job descriptions, including marketing, consulting, PR, market research, and even film production.

Career beginners can expect 2,900 euros per month gross on average, as mentioned by the  StudyCheck portal. Those who complete a master’s degree after their bachelor’s degree tend to earn more.

This is what you need to bring

Those who wish to study Media Management and be successful afterwards must have one quality above all: A deep enthusiasm for media content and the business models that derive from it.

Practical and conceptual abilities are required but so are the skills to pause, reflect, and move forward with plans and goals. You should therefore preferably have a passion for language and design and have no fear of numbers. There is then no obstacle on your way to a career as a media professional!

Communication & Media Management (B. Sc.)

You would like to do something related to media and be prepared for the international job market? With a degree at BiTS theoretical specialist knowledge meets competent practical education in  BerlinHamburg or  Iserlohn (NRW).

More questions? Post them in the comments or contact our student admissions or the faculty directly.

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