How do you build a career in game design

How do you build a career in game design?

Super Mario, Candy Crush, Angry Birds, Subway Surfers, GTA Vice City – these popular games make us nostalgic about our childhood and remain just as popular today. However, ask yourself, did you ever think about the visual appeal, storyline or the creation of your favourite characters in these video games? 

Game designers are the brains behind the conception of these beautiful stories that always hold a place in our hearts. Game design is a field that has shown consistent growth even during shifts in global market trends. If you love creating stories and immersive worlds, a career in game design is the perfect choice for you.

What is game design?

The creation of a game consists of different levels, right from developing the storyline to using appropriate graphics. Game designers are responsible for laying the foundation of the game and executing it in line with the initial concept. Artistic techniques are used in game designing to create products that engage the users.

User experience is the primary concern of game development, and the game designers ensure that the game is aligned with the expectations of the user. Popular games like Call of Duty: Vanguard in 2022 have even received Webby Award nominations for superior user experience.

Visualising and creating the graphic world of games that entertains the audience is the chief responsibility in game designing. A game designer ensures that all the features of a game work cohesively to create an engaging experience for the user.

As a designer, you need to make each level of a game interesting and fun for the player to keep them hooked. Games like PUBG have gained attention and popularity worldwide due to its engaging features. The player is the king in the context of game creation and game designers work closely with game developers to create a royal experience for the player.

Scope of game design

According to a 2021 Statista survey, there are 3.24 billion active gamers across the globe out of which 715 million are from Europe. This data is enough to show the wide scope of game designing. The world has seen a significant rise in the number of gamers with the widespread reach of electronic gadgets.

The aesthetic appeal of popular games has always caught the eyes of the players and has added to their global success. Game designing is becoming an interesting profession with the demand for designers as high as ever in the entertainment market. The Statista report also suggests that the turnover for the gaming industry will be €268 billion in 2025 which signifies a whopping €90 billion increase from €178 billion in 2021.

The gaming industry is expanding every year to accommodate new ideas and draw the attention of more users to their products. Organisations are often on the lookout for talented designers with adequate knowledge of programming, 2D and 3D animation, designing, storytelling and more.

Apart from this, there is an increased global demand for new games or additional updates on existing games due to the mass digitalisation phenomenon. So, the future of game design is bright with plenty of opportunities on the horizon.

Building a career in game design

If you are a game lover, it would be easier for you to land a job in the gaming industry due to your familiarity with the mechanics of it. However, you should fulfil certain criteria to be competent enough to enter the field of game design. Therefore, a career in game design awaits those who have an interest in gaming coupled with the necessary educational qualifications and a skilled portfolio.

A high school diploma followed by an associate degree or a bachelor’s programme in graphic design or a related field is the first step to building a career in game design. Getting exposure to proper training and experience boosts your chances of getting noticed by recruiters. Additionally, if you land an internship and gain necessary experience in game designing then you will have an appealing portfolio, allowing you to stand out in a highly competitive field.

So, start coming up with ideas, creating storylines and developing a game or assist any professional in designing the mechanics of a game to increase your chances of getting hired.

According to the US Bureau of Labour Statistics, the multimedia sector, including that of game design, will grow by 16% in the next ten years. This indicates that the career prospects of game designers will increase with each passing year which makes studying game design a worthy option.

If you have a passion for games and are looking for a place to develop your skills with proper guidance, check out the Bachelor’s in Game Design programme offered at the University of Europe for Applied Sciences.

You will be involved in all the aspects of game designing, from conceptualising the idea to the technical and creative sides of it. As a game designer, you will bring together your individual gaming mechanics to play along with innovative ideas formulated under expert guidance.

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