Admission Interviews and Criteria for the Game Design Programme

Interested in studying Game Design?

Admission Interviews and Criteria for the Game Design Programme

When potential students apply to study Game Design at UE Germany, the professors of the respective location will take a close look at the submitted portfolio.

The portfolio to be submitted is based on the specifications of the Art & Design department at UE. We expect around one to three pieces of work, each of which can contain several parts. For example, you could submit a prototype, a description and various character art for a game. In total, the portfolio should include approximately 10 individual pieces of work. Interactive projects or works are desirable, but this is not a requirement.

The works can belong to analog or digital games. Those who choose to submit work on digital games do not need to be familiar with the game engine, Unity, which is primarily used in the programme. Small and accessible engines such as Twine 2, RPGMaker, Puzzlescript or Gamemaker can also be used for papers.

The fundamental quality we look for in Game Design students is an affinity for digital tools. If you are afraid of learning complex software, this is not the programme for you.

Other qualities that we value in students but can also be developed during the course of their studies, are an exciting perspective on the world in terms of content, a broad focus on games and design (i.e., not just seeing games as entertainment in their own right) and a genuine interest in the industry.

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