Digital Collaboration Design and Management

Digital Collaboration Design and Management

MURAL, a global leader in online visual collaboration, has just published a full-length webinar“Preparing Students for Success in a Hybrid Classroom,” featuring 20 UE Iserlohn students.

The company is also featuring Sport & Event Management students Maraike Grün and Catharina Panzer in their article “Preparing Students for Their Future, Not Our Past.”

As noted in industry reports, the COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped how millions of professionals work. Demand for digital tools that help facilitate remote collaboration, and staff that know how to negotiate, design and manage online events effectively, has skyrocketed. In both the webinar and article, UE students were selected as global innovators who show how this kind of popular business software can be applied in the education sector. 

In the webinar, UE students demonstrate their ability to harness this technology in an interactive online class event, while in the article, MURAL highlights the trio of videos in which Maraike and Catharina discuss three methodological examples they co-created in instructor Christina Muzzu’s Employability II: Soft Skills course at UE Iserlohn. (You can find all links to the webinars at the end of this article.)

UE is setting the pace for educational institutions worldwide, incorporating digital competencies into curricula that will provide students with an added advantage in their future careers.  Educators and students can sign up for their own free MURAL workspace here.

Watch Session 1: Using MURAL for AI Resistant Skills

Watch Session 2: Using MURAL for a Class Selfie

Watch Session 3: Making Immersive Designs with MURAL

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