Study BA UX/UI Design – 5 Reasons Why

Study BA UX/UI Design – 5 Reasons Why

5 Reasons Why You Should Study BA UX/UI Design 

The terms UX and UI have become an integral part of tech conversation just as much as they are part of the business world. Most of the apps that we are hooked to, such as Instagram for example, is simply due to a fantastic user experience design. 

Despite hours of scrolling, we never get weary of Instagram because it has a clean layout with no visual noise. Similarly, the user interface of Airbnb makes it incredibly easy to book a stay right from the home screen. 

Given how important a smooth UI/UX experience is, students looking to enrol on a UI/UX design course are making an excellent decision. There is a high demand for UX/UI designers in the market and as per LinkedIn, it was one of the top ten skills in 2020. 

If you are still looking for more reasons to be a part of this sector, then read on. 

Being a UX/UI designer is easier than you think 

Let’s start with addressing a basic misconception that a UX professional needs to know coding to be a designer. While useful, this skill is by no means mandatory. Rather, you are required to have knowledge of design tools along with behaviour analysis. 

Along with the necessary knowledge of foundational design practices- wireframing, sketching and prototyping, you must think like a designer. The product you design should meet the requirements of the organisation and the user. Achieving this balance will require a critical and analytical thought process along with an innate understanding of the needs of both client and user. 

While a Bachelor of Arts in UI and UX will give you all the technical expertise, it will also build on soft skills like communication and empathy. Moreover, you will gain an understanding of UI which goes hand in hand with UX. 

High in demand 

Recently, Google announced that websites that have a good UX will rank higher on their search ranking. Business and product leaders have hence put more focus on improving user experience design. Since a good UX has a direct impact on revenue, organisations are in dire need of UX professionals.

This makes a UI/UX design degree a ticket to a stable and successful career. Also, given that Europe is an incubator for start-ups, the demand for UX and UI designers is steadily on the rise there. 

Implement new technologies 

The purpose of creating an e-commerce website or an app is to keep customers hooked and generate sales. For this, a great user experience is crucial. The reason why people spend hours on Instagram or prefer to book their stays is all due to a great user experience design. 

Therefore, as a UX/UI professional, you are implementing new design solutions to give users a superior experience. As the industry revolutionises, you are expected to take a deeper look into the user’s perspective to create a more accessible product with a great UX and UI. 

Excellent career opportunities 

With a UI/UX degree, you will become applicable for a variety of job roles such as UI Designer, UX Designer, UX Researcher, UX Writer, UX Engineer and more. This field allows you to look into several branches of specialisation as there are many subsets of UX Design. 

As per your preference and area of expertise, you can be an Information Architect who ensures that information on the website is organised and accessible or a Visual Designer whose job is similar to a graphic designer, except that they work on illustrations and complex icon designs. 

Similarly, if you are interested in design and development, or even coding for that matter, you can try out different speciality areas within UX/UI itself. 

Earn well 

An essential prerequisite for taking up any profession is the salary it will provide you. Given the importance of UX/UI designers in the current times, the remuneration with the job role is fairly satisfactory. 

As per Glassdoor, a UX Designer in Germany earns an average of €53,002 annually while in the US, the pay is $75,000. Apart from this, you enjoy tremendous growth opportunities with a consistent increase in salary. 

Are you looking for a good UI/UX Design Course to lay a strong foundation for your career? If yes, then check out the Bachelor of Arts (BA) in UX/UI Design offered by The University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE).

With an excellent curriculum in place, the course gives you an in-depth understanding of cognitive sciences, emerging technologies, product development and more. 

Students are given access to the right tools and technologies including working on real-life projects to prepare them for a variety of job roles.


Can I get an internship after a bachelor course in UX/UI Design from UE? 

You can get excellent internship opportunities after the completion of your course at The University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE). We have collaborated with big brands like Jung von Matt Group, Canon, Altonaer Museum and more to help students gain real-life learning that is pivotal for their professional success. 

Who can international students contact at UE for travelling queries? 

We have a welcome centre at UE which specifically assists students who are travelling from foreign countries to Germany for academic purposes. Here, you can find assistance with all your concerns regarding travel, visa, cost of living, student benefits and more.

Photo credits:  © Erina Baftiroska

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