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Prof. Dr. Stefan Chatrath

Prof. Dr. Stefan Chatrath

Programm Leader for Sport & Event Management (B.Sc.) , Campus Berlin

  • Subject area:

    Sport Economics,
    Sport Marketing,
    Market Research,
    Service Management,
    Sport Management

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Prof. Dr. Stefan Chatrath is head of the Sport and Event Management program at the University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE) in Berlin. He is also a member of the business faculty council and representative of the UE scholarship committee in Berlin.



Stefan Chatrath is Professor of Sport Marketing – currently the only one in Germany with this focus. He received his MBA and Ph.D. in business administration from Freie Universität in Berlin. In addition, he completed a Master of Science degree in economics at the University of Birmingham. With his doctoral thesis, he won the 2nd place at the science award of the German Football Association DFB. Professor Chatrath is distinguished by his numerous contacts in the world of sports in Berlin. Among other things, he initiated the official cooperation of UE with the basketball club ALBA BERLIN.


Research project

Title: "Sports marketing in a culture of fear".

This research project aims to record what role fears play in the marketing of sports. What forms do they take? Why do they occur? How can they be mitigated? This includes the question under which conditions spectators feel safe when they attend a football match in a stadium, for example. What conclusions can be drawn for the marketing of sports? Keywords: sports marketing, fear, feeling of safety, risk perception


Publications (excerpt)


Lectures, presentations & panel discussions (excerpt)

  • "What football means to me", December 8, 2020, panel discussion at the UEFA Champions League Matchday Show at the University of Europe for Applied Sciences
  • "Sport Marketing in a Culture of Fear", December 7, 2020, presentation at the 10th work anniversary celebration at the University of Europe for Applied Sciences
  • "The Video Assistant Referee in football - a preliminary assessment", July 14, 2021, Trial Lecture at the University of Europe for Applied Sciences
  • "Salary caps - opportunities and limitations", June 15, 2019, Open House Day at the University of Europe for Applied Sciences
  • "Do athletes have to be role models?", December 14, 2019, Panel discussion as part of the anniversary celebration "50 years of Gerhard Schlegel Sport School" by the Landesportbund Berlin
  • "20 years of World Anti-Doping Agency – a review", October 22, 2019, lecture series at the University of Europe for Applied Sciences


Course portfolio (excerpt)

  • Sport & Event Economics
  • Marketing
  • Sport Marketing
  • Service Management
  • Market Research
  • Value Creation & Price Management
  • Ethics in Sport Management
  • Ticketing & Hospitality
  • Football Leagues, Associations & Clubs
  • Football Marketing


Research focus

  • Sport Marketing
  • Ticketing
  • Rules of the game in football – economic and ethical aspects
  • Feeling of safety, fear & risk perception in a business relevant context
  • Price management

UE is accredited by

LAND BRANDENBURG Ministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kultur entr Akk Eval ZEVA luations- und erungsagentur Hannover AKKREDITIERE JAHRE WR 2014 WISSENSCHAFTSRAT Business Education AACSB Alliance Member of Europe University. for State accredited since 2006 Applied UE, Sciences

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