Remo Gambacciani

Bachelor thesis "CYCLE"

"The study programme at UE is a good starting point to discover your passion and capabilities. I totally came to 3D through the University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE). Before the study programme, I hardly opened a 3D software. Some of my first bigger 3D projects were "Drillbot" and "The Limit" where I developed my passion for 3D/VFX."
"My first personal success was my bachelor thesis "CYCLE", which was discovered on Vimeo and listed on the "One Minute" Film Festival in Switzerland (2012). It was also featured on some blogs, such as Behance' Motion Graphics Served."
Awards: ADC (2013, 2x Bronze in "Design Package" and in "Motion Graphics/3d"), ITFS (2013, Gold in "Advertising") BASS (2013, Gold in "Programme Branding Design").
Nominations: Cannes Lions (2013, in "Design")

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