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Creative Director

"The studies are very diverse and totally open - in the end you really did everything from fine arts to product photography. In addition, there are many cultural differences between the students. That always makes the project work exciting and new."


About his time as a student, he says: "My studies have completely changed me - I have learned to question everything, but also to go my own way. In addition, my studies inspired me to do many things that weren't on my radar before". In addition to his work as an editor, he continues to be a freelance photographer and fashion assistance in a fashion agency: "If you ask me what I would call my profession, the answer would probably be artist".

Niklas says that there are many good photographers, but at least as many opportunities: "Especially in the social media space, new jobs are increasingly being created and the UE adapts wonderfully to the market situation. As a photography graduate, you are well prepared for your studies here and can show a really broad portfolio. I'd say you're much better positioned than people who do their job without having studied."

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