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Today she is a successful game designer in Berlin

Describe your studies in three words: Chaotic, exciting, diverse.

Give us an example from your time as a student until now when it paid off to abandon the well-trodden path / push yourself beyond your limits. What allowed you to do it? 

"In my second semester we made our first digital game and I was responsible for the story and a few assets. We soon realized that there was too much to do in coding and for that reason I decided to learn programming and I’m thrilled with the decision. My programming instructor would for sure say that I have only scratched the surface of possibilities. But while working, the thought that with this knowledge I could make a better game helped me a lot, and it turned out that way in the end."

What is your tip for future Arts & Design students at the UE? What should they make use of at the university? What should they be aware of as they develop?

"Do not let yourself be discouraged when you have no previous knowledge or you feel lost. That’s normal and you will find great classmates who will help you and whom you will help. I also find it important to keep in mind that even if one course doesn’t really appeal to you, there are always five more courses that are all super cool. So don’t waste your energy on being annoyed at a stupid course, but get pumped for the seminars that are fun! Even though it is sometimes good to be annoyed for a short time. I find that you also need to make good use of project weeks! That’s because it’s a cool opportunity to have a look into other programmes for a week."


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