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Abroad semester in New York

At the time of this interview, Leon was in New York. "The courses here at PACE University have a strong focus on international management. We talk and discuss a lot about regions, countries and especially cultures, which can have a strong influence on, for example, negotiations in a business context. Furthermore, we have a course that only deals with international human resources management. Even for students who don't want to work specifically in this area in business later on, they get a detailed look behind the scenes of HR departments and you can take away useful tips for yourself and your own application."

"Student life here is demanding, which I personally welcome because there are always new to-dos! It never gets boring. I have to do a lot of reading in each of my courses, as already written, and I also have to submit assignments every week. There is also group work in every course. I took the midterm exams at the end of october, which usually account for about 40 percent of my final grade.

The American higher education system is structured in such a way that students have to continuously deal with the chapters and the topics of the course and the learning progress is checked weekly."

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