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Works for "Die Welt"

Kim von Ciriacy studied Journalism and Business Communications at campus Berlin and now works as a freelance journalist for WELT and Radio BLN.FM. We met her to tell us about her path to success:

After graduating from high school, studying instead of doing a traineeship can be advantageous in the job market. What were your reasons for choosing the Journalism and Business Communication programme? What were you expecting? Which content benefited you?

"I have always been curious and had the urge to tell stories. And to that end, I wanted to try different paths, narrative forms, and media. If you don’t have a precise plan where you want to end up but rather cover the basics, then a diverse degree may be meaningful. In the JBC program I have had many opportunities to try different areas from marketing to investigative journalism."

What is your tip to the future and current students at the UE? How should they use their time at the university? What should they be aware of in their development and in entering their professional life?

"If you’re aware of your environment and above all about yourself, then you’re on your way. If you’re positive, engaging, and open, you will meet exactly the same type of people with and from whom you will be able to learn. So look for classmates, friends, and professors who share your enthusiasm in something. Experiment a lot while you’re a student. You have a huge amount of freedom for which you will at least have to fight more for later. Never be afraid to make big plan and take it on the chin if you fall flat on your face. Or if you can’t be bothered about anything at times. In the end, your working life is exactly like life in general: You are responsible to make the best of it, whatever “the best” for you is."

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