Constantin Gerlach

Focus Adventurer

Constantin holds a bachelor’s degree in photography from UE. Today, he is a freelance bicycle and travel photographer. He says that during his studies, he came into contact with many people who inspired and supported him.
Constantin first completed an apprenticeship as a media designer, but then discovered that an office job was not good enough for him: “At some point, that simply wasn’t enough for me anymore. When I decided to study photography, my parents fortunately gave me a lot of support”.
Constantin had always been privately involved with photography, but he says his studies opened his eyes: “I learned more about photography than I could have imagined. It’s not enough just to have a feeling for the right moment and the right picture – you also need a trained eye.”
He arrived at bicycle photography for his final thesis topic, stating: “I rode a demanding route through France on my bicycle alone and took landscape photos. It was cold, wet, I was exhausted and the bike also caused problems. The fact that I kept this up has left its mark on me to this day”. Today, he is a passionate bicycle photographer: “I can identify with my customers and projects. That’s a great luxury in this industry – I appreciate that.”

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