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Alain studied Illustration at the Berlin campus. We met him for an interview:

" There may be many art-oriented universities in Berlin, but as I was looking to start my studies there were very few that specialized purely in Illustration. I came to Berlin once to have a look at the university and from the very first moment, everything was perfect.

There are cool activities during the project weeks! You get the chance to work together with completely new people from different study programs on a project and the working atmosphere is very relaxed. We once worked with the kids at a primary school in Pankow to decorate a wall with sea animals. Each morning, we helped the children to hold the ladder and clean the brushes and, in the afternoons, we worked on our own animals. In the evenings, we went for drinks together. During the project week, we quickly bonded with our fellow students and teachers.

What inspired you at UE?

"The experiences that inspired me most were the experiences of the lecturers. In our study course, many of our lecturers were still working in the industry and so they often talked about their personal experiences in professional life. There is also a regular “Guest Lecture,” which is given by illustrators and artists from different fields who come to talk about their projects. In my opinion, these lectures were very important in order to get a general idea of what the professional world is like."

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