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26 January 2024 19:00 (UTC+0)

Save the date: BA & MA Exhibition

© Visual: Phan Thao Chi Doan

As a “turning point”, with their graduation projects, the Bachelor and Master graduates enter an exciting new stage of life full of possibilities, innovation, expertise, and boundless potential. These projects exemplify their dedication, knowledge, and passion, paving the way for their impactful contributions to the world. Thus, University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE) cordially invite you to special exhibitions for the study programmes of Film & Motion Design, Photography & New Media, Illustration, Game Design, Communication Design, Photography, Media Spaces, Visual & Experience Design, Innovation Design Management, New Media Design, UX/UI Design and Digital Product Management on Friday, 26th January 2024. On this occasion, the Department of Art & Design will be open at the Berlin and Hamburg Campus from 7 pm. Friends of art and design are cordially invited to take this important step together with the graduates and to explore the final projects on campus. The multi-layered themes not only reflect the zeitgeist of our turbulent world, but also deal with the significant issues that are becoming more and more relevant.

A digital platform independent of location and time: ArchivUE

This year, for the 8th time, a group of students and alumni have joined the research project, which was launched in 2020, with Steffen Klaue and Prof. Dr. Lauritz Lipp under the direction of Evelyn Solinski with mentoring by research president Iris Lorscheid. Together with the alumni Amit Heyman and the students Daniel Ghita and Phan Thao Chi Doan the collection as well as the appearance of the respective semester will be further developed and sustainably realized.

With the now successfully established digital platform ArchivUE, an innovative, cross-location and technically sophisticated archive has been created in which the final projects of the students of the Department of Art & Design are collected and presented in the long term. The expansion of the collection of work from the Department of Business, Sport, Psychology and Media, as well as student work with renowned cooperation partners and national and international award-winning work will also be presented in ArchivUE from now on.



Julia Tiemann, Jan-Rasmus Roep, Isabelle Marthaler, Vincent Tost, Paula Härtel, Joan Maria Olucha San Jose, Salomè Camerati, Sabina Mästle Torres, Leo Georg Werner Klose-Degenhardt, Vincent Hilger, Sophie Notbom, Julia-Marie Rüger, Mika Koschyk, Leslie Vogt, Paula Thomsen, Darya Nikolayenko, Gizem Özcan, Vivien Kenklies, Nicklas Witt, Tim-Benedikt Wolff, Ann-Katrin Werner, Jenny Daut, Luca Neuner, Sarah Sophie Bruse, Huldah Amo, Bryan Waack, Jiawei XU, Florian Lange, Sophie Pichtovnikov, Salomè Camerati, Kim Kebernik, Finja Seidel, Timon Malte Kersten


Kateryna Zymina, Juho Chung, Patricia Chavez, Andre Chilat, Michelle Aileen Taylor Calvo, Jose Maria Pardo Garavito, Mark Komives, Jana Vollmer, Begum Mercan, Sohrab Samsam Shariat, Tamara Schwander, Ben-Kevin Domke, Tanida Yurtboorin, Ian Kiplimo Busienei, Juhyun Lee, Rodrigo Huesca Barajas, Isabelle Heutz-Della Vite, Lisa Catharina Bot, Fredrik Haugen, Praskovia Malinka, Sebastian Luna Cortes, Mauricio Llopiz, David Richardson Robert Edison, Xuanda TONG, Ben-Kevin Domke, Sandra Gutsche, Doyeon Kim, Nina Stodden, Isaac Amos Funkenstein, Anirudh Nuthikatla, Jesus Enrique Farfan Perez, Anna B Jiang, Andrea Carolina Cardenas Lares, Julia Oram, Soobin Lee, Wasupol Lee, Diana Rustemova, Yoonji Kim, Beatriz Salles, Hussam Yasar Raja, Salva Amin Azad, Anna-Maria Heidig, Sophie Friedrich, Luca Gervelmeyer, Mylene Ben Osman, Katharina Dietrich, Federico De Jesus Torres Lopez, Daniel Bom Kjærbo, Anton Georg Gschanes, Erika Valeria Rodriguez Rodriguez, Wasupol Lee

Innovation Hub, Potsdam 

Maria Nieves Varela, Reshma Nair, Daria Budarova, Alp Ege Koc, Alper Yesil, Maria Angelica Hernandez Balcazar, Yassmine Maher Abdulrazaq Ayed, Pascuala Sylleros, Noelia González Coronell, Sina Maleki Varki, Harsh Singh, Andrea Alejandra Sierra Bustillo, Deborah Michelle Mejia Casco, Diana Kononets, Angie Tatiana Duran Barrero, JIEYU QIN, Garv Agarwal, Aswathy Sudhakaran, Laura Perez Barasona, Megan Krawielitzki, Katharine Maria Bernard, Weiyan Lin, Antonia Schreiner, Katherine Scheel, Shreya Patel, Ahmed Bani-Younes, Tiana Rochelle Anglin, Rutuja Mane, Saba Shamssharif, Lisa Maria Barahona Lazo, Lavinja Veltum, Amitkumar Lokhande, Janna Opheim, Eduardo Jose Oyuela Barahona, Xiao Han, Yussethe Garcia Cruz, Anjali Sunil Chauhan, Ece Atici, Daria Butuzova, Maria Camila Alvarez, Aleksandra Wozniak

ArchivUE: archiv.ue-germany.com

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Time: 19:00 (UTC+0)

Date: 26 January 2024

Campus Berlin and Hamburg