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UE Library offers access to a large number of e-books for UE's students and faculty. This is how it works.

Before being able to access our e-books, you need to create a user account in our e-book provider's portal Ebook Central. For verification reasons, the registration process must be completed from within our university’s WLAN using your university e-mail address!
Click on ‚Sign in‘ in the top right corner on the Ebook Central website and follow the instructions given to create a new account.

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Researching e-books is easy. Visit our online catalogue and search in the same way that you would search for print resources. The search results list will always show all e-books available. As a matter of principle, you may read in any of the e-books available on our platform for five minutes.
For those e-books that we have already bought, a click on the publication‘s URL link will take you directly to the full text document.
Titles that are not yet part of UE Library’s collection are marked „Ebook noch nicht erworben!“ in the search results list. In this case, switch to the Ebook Central portal and ask for the library to acquire the title by clicking on ‚Request this book‘. You will be informed at short notice whether the book will actually be acquired.

Download and terms of use
The terms of use for each title differ from each other as they are determined by the respective publishing companies. Details of the terms of use can be found in the ‚Availability‘ section of the respective title’s individual view in Ebook Central. Please note that complying with the terms of use is your liability (see section 20 subsection 2 of UE Library Regulations).

For all questions regarding our e-book service, please contact your local branch of UE Library.

Multi-institutional search portal for the design disciplines with a focus on German-speaking countries.

Multi-institutional search portal for the communication and media disciplines with a focus on German-speaking countries.

Multi-institutional search portal for art and design with a strong international focus.


Search engine merging the collection of the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin with a host of databases (JSTOR among others); offers reference information on hundreds of millions of items.

One of the most important search engines for academic online publications; offers reference information on some 120 million documents and direct access to more than 50% of them.

Reference database for peer-reviewed e-books by academic publishers.

STATISTA (login-free campus access)
STATISTA (remote access, login with Online Campus credentials required)
Comprehensive database offering access to statistics on a broad range of subjects.

Database infosystem; curated UE Art & Design collection of free and licensed databases.

* These services or webpages are offered with a German-language interface only.


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