Guidelines on how to apply MBA degree at UE

Guidelines on how to apply

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We are excited to hear of your interest in our MBA programmes at UE. Securing admission to any of our MBA programmes is crucial, and it is essential that you meet our admission criteria*. Detailed information is provided below for your reference. Should you have any further questions, our dedicated team of student advisors is prepared to guide you through the application process. You have the option to submit your application up to a year in advance, whether you’re aiming for the winter semester (starting in September each year) or the corresponding summer semester (beginning in March each year). If you happen to have missed recent application or semester start deadlines, no worries – your application will be included in the candidate list for the next available intake. For those already holding a valid student visa for Germany, applications can be submitted within the official application deadline.

The primary requirement for pursuing an MBA at UE is a minimum of one year of professional experience following your initial qualifying university degree. If you are transitioning from a different university and obtained a non-specialized Bachelor’s degree, you must complete a preparatory course before embarking on your MBA studies. The specific preparatory course will depend on the MBA programme you choose.

* Please take into consideration delays e.g. with entry visa.

Application for a MBA Programme

Application for a MBA Programme

You can already apply to us one year in advance for your desired semester start. Read more about the admission requirements for our MBA with various specialisation study programmes. 

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