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Digital Business & Data Science, BSc*

* Accreditation in preparation

This study programme is aimed specifically at students who are curious and have the creativity to imagine and the aspiration to learn and develop something new that impact the world and change their lives.

Since this year, Digital Business and Data Science (BSc) is also part of the newly rolled out scheme - the European Experience Programme. This enables interested students to start their studies at our partner university Réseau GES in Paris and move to Germany at a later stage to complete their studies. Students will receive a German degree but have the ability to explore one of the most exciting cities in Europe at the very start of their journey. If this is of interest to you, please visit our European Experience Hub to apply for the programme. 

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Digital Business & Data Science BSc

Hear from Professor Dr. Iris Lorscheid, Director of the Digital Business & Data Science programme at the University of Europe for Applied Sciences

Key Facts

Starting semesters
Starting semesters

· Winter semester: September

· Summer semester: March

· 6 Semesters in total (full-time)

Language of instruction
Language of instruction

English (innovation Hub, Hamburg)



Bachelor of Science (BSc)*
*Accreditation in preparation due to new Bachelor reform.

Tuition fee
Tuition fee

EU applicants: 9,310 € yearly Non-EU applicants: 11,340 € yearly

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Internship semester / semester abroad
Internship semester / semester abroad

5th Semester

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180 ECTS

*Important note: There is no guarantee that classroom teaching will be possible throughout the semester due to COVID-19.

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Study in small groups and friendly atmosphere at an international campus with renowned lecturers. Selectable specialisations, practical projects, field trips and semester abroad provide great career opportunities.

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Innovation Hub, Hamburg (English)


Our student testimonials

Important information

Why UE?

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The University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE) is an accredited higher education institution awarded with multiple prices. Our many international students come from all over the world to pursue a highly valued (state and FIBAA recognised) German degree that is entirely taught in English. Also we are ranked as one of the best universities in Germany in the field of business studies (U-Multirank 2018).

At UE, you will study in small course groups. We guarantee you individual mentoring and close contact with the lecturers. Our professors are leading experts in their fields with outstanding teaching, research and business success.

Moreover, we also value the linkage between the higher education and corporate industry ecosystem. The theory you learn will find practical approach in several project weeks. The variety of interdisciplinary courses gives you the chance to determine the content of your studies. We offer modern equipment like projectors in every room, Mac pools, SW programmes and more.

What is Digital Transformation?

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1. It is the new investment in technology, platform business models, systems, processes, tools, servers, cloud solutions and digital equipment to drive new value for customers and employees, and compete in an ever-changing digital economy

2. It doesn’t solely focus on technology. Early in its rise through the hype cycle, digital transformation was largely technology-centric with a majority of its audience consisting of CIOs, IT professionals, vendors, integrators and consultants. But, not anymore

3. It is about change, innovation and leadership, i.e., is part technology, but also part human

Your career options

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This bachelor programme is for strategic leaders, for entrepreneurs of digital and disruptive businesses, for innovators and digital marketeers. It is also for technology strategists, data scientists, and  software and web developers of the most innovative businesses and technical solutions to serve customers and add value to partners within global ecosystems.

Professional Opportunities

  • Digital Business Leader and Strategist
  • Digital Business Development Manager
  • Digital Innovation Manager
  • Digital Product & Service Designer and Developer
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Data Scientist Manager
  • Digital Research & Development Manager
  • Software Developer, Web Developer, App Developer
  • Digital Business Consultant
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Digital Transformation Officer
  • Chief Digital Marketing Officer
  • Chief Digital Sales Officer
  • Chief Digital Operations Officer

Industry 4.0

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Since 1990s' the internet exploded and connected almost 1 billion users - the first wave, in 2000s' users connected almost reached the triple, with another 2 billion - the second wave, but nowadays digital connections are embedded in almost aspects of our daily lives. By the end of 2018 the value of the global information technology in the industry 4.0 eclipsed the $4.8 trillion mark in 2018, and it is still growing in 2019 and the next coming years. During 2008, the number of "things" connected to the internet exceeded the number of people on earth.

Our increasingly data driven world and the IoT trend is leading society into new challenges and changes like big data getting bigger, mobile computing, telecommunication costs, ubiquity, security, privacy and globalisation. The IoT holds a number of transformative implications on people, business and societies. The data and information flows that continually exchange from people and devices, businesses and governments can be aggregated and analysed to create new ways of design thinking, new types of products and services, new types of social behaviour experiences, consumer decision making and citizenship models.

Digital technology revolution

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The rapid pace of change and globalisation is turning ecosystems more innovative and valuable. By 2020, the e-health industry, connected insurance and banking services, fast moving consumer goods and retail industries, telecommunication and computing services, automotive industry and e-energy, logistics and transportation sectors, and online education will play master digital transformation impact that will lead to economic growth, competitiveness increasing, high value jobs, and new learning capabilities and quality of life.

To study the digital technology revolution as a driving force is key to understand future of social, educational and cultural changes, as well as digital businesses transformations, and e-Government optimisation models. This is challenging governments, companies and citizens, but there is a significant digital competencies & skills gap in Germany, Europe and worldwide. Our Digital Business and Data Science B.Sc. programme is addressing this need now and in the future.

Tuition fees and funding

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As a private university, the University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE) is funded not by the state, but by tuition fees. For this reason, studying at University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE) costs more than at a public university. But it’s worth it:

  • Our graduates meet essential requirements of careers in business, and this sets them apart from the graduates of many public universities. Your employment and earnings prospects are greatly improved.
  • ​All tuition costs are included in the monthly tuition fee. No additional costs will be incurred, such as a matriculation fee, exam fees, an bachelor thesis fee or similar, as long as the course is completed within the standard study period.

The costs for the semester abroad are not included in these fees, as there are substantial differences depending on country and university.

We are happy to provide you more information on funding your studies and on any available scholarships. If you have any further questions, our Student Guidance Office can provide you with detailed information. Find out useful information on funding on this webpage.

Application process

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You can apply a year in advance for your desired starting semester.

To qualify for a bachelor's degree at University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE), you must meet the following requirements:

  • Online application
  • Certified copy of your high school diploma or equivalent occupational certificate
  • Entrance examination
  • Personal interview (e.g., via Skype)
  • Good English language skills

“Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.”

– Henry Ford

In the first part of your studies you will gain knowledge in following fields:

  • Quantitative Methods & Mathematics for Digital Technologies
  • Economics
  • Business Administration, Management, Law, Accounting, Finance, Operations
  • Digital Transformation, Digital Marketing, E-Commerce and IT Services Management
  • Data Structure & Algorithms and fundamentals in Programming
  • Soft skills & English

Before you start your semester abroad – at one of our partnered institutions, you have the possibility to start an internship at one of our partnered companies. We value very much our network based innovation system.

In the 5th and 6th you will learn deeper and advanced knowledge in the following areas:

  • Data Science & Analytics, Advanced Programming and Engineering & Development
  • Networks and Cybersecurity
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship

In the last stage you will work on a business/technological project and, finally, on your Thesis for your degree in Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.).

What is at stake with Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0 and what are the key attributes of technology?

  • The pervasive feature of technology
  • The rate of technology adoption is accelerating worldwide
  • The non-rivalry and non-exclusiveness of technology in business and economics

What are the expectations and trends for 2016-2021 on industry performance & major areas of knowledge?

Major digital technology areas and key trends

  • Big Data and Analytics
  • Cyber Security
  • Cloud Computing and Mobility

Subject knowledge & activity areas

  • Technology Watch, Digital Transformation and Strategy
  • Data Science, Programming, Networks, Cybersecurity and Digital Business Models
  • Digital Marketing, Social Media Communication, Innovation and Customer Relationship Management

Nowadays, the research and study of social sciences of the internet (the life online) is so relevant for people, businesses and governments that will play competitive advantages at regional, country and global landscapes in the short future.

Moreover, the paradigm changed from an economy based on natural resources, physical inputs and value chains based on physical infrastructure into one based on new knowledge, digital technology. Thus, decision-making processes and global value chains become more and more influenced by digital tools and systems, social networks and consumer data.

There are driving forces - political, social, cultural, economic and technological factors - that are promoting a disruptive change on digital ecosystems: firstly, the Internet of Documents (Adobe), secondly, the Internet of Commerce (Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, etc.), thirdly, the Internet of People (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) and, more recently, the Internet of Things (IoT). Our Digital Business and Data Science B.Sc. programme offers students an insightful view into the future.

This transformation - also called the Fourth Industrial Revolution - is influencing innovative and growth strategies, conceptual models of design thinking and innovation management, technology convergence, business modelling, consumer behavior, brand management, social media marketing and communication, online sales and customer relationship management. The same goes for processes reengineering, operations and supply chain management systems. Last, but not least, it is shaping data science and new knowledge, data security and privacy, corporate governance and policy making.

Our students have multidisciplinary backgrounds, different nationalities, diverse cultures and multiple perspectives. You will learn how to develop entrepreneurial and innovative projects that combine new knowledge on digital technologies and business administration & management, while responding to disruptive corporate industry challenges. If you want to engage into an advanced content curriculum and innovative pedagogy experience, while interacting with a high qualified faculty team, who will support you individually along the programme and beyond, then the Digital Business & Data Science B.Sc. programme is a differentiator. 

Collaboration Partners

Gain access to internships and real- life business projects in a range of leading companies.

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Fintech incubators


Innovation hubs


Digital start-ups

Code Factory

Gain access to internships and real- life business projects in a range of leading companies.

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Learn more about the UE Job promise

Getting the job you really want can be challenging since the requirements and skills to start your career are increasing rapidly. At UE, it’s our mission to support you all along the way to start the career of your choice. The UE Job Promise is a unique offering applicable to programmes we believe are highly sought after in the international job market.

We are offering you a free top-up Master's programme*, if you can't find a job within 12 months after graduation (*T&Cs apply). We recommend you to speak with your personal study advisor to get more details about this exclusive UE opportunity.

Our dedicated career experts will help you develop your presentation and interview skills to boost your career.

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Multinational corporations

D-BASF The Chemical Company

German-based SMEs

Axel springer

Global market leaders



The lecturers in our Business department have years of experience in a range of business areas such as business psychology, finance and controlling, business administration, corporate governance and marketing.

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