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Visual & Experience Design, MA

Professional roles in the field of design are constantly in flux. Contemporary design has to encompass the traditionally physical, as well as new digital media. Increasingly, companies are discovering the value of experience design in delivering brand, product and service messages and for engaging their customers and users through digital touchpoints. While many experiences work on multiple senses, the singularly most important is visual – rendering effective visual communication crucial to experience design.

Start | Language of instruction

  • Winter semester
  • Summer semester
  • English


  • Innovation Hub (Berlin-Potsdam)

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  • EU applicants standard: € 820 monthly
  • Non-EU applicants standard: € 10,938 yearly
  • Dubai applicants:
    AED 73,500 (1.5 Years)
    AED 91,875 (2 Years)

Credits | Duration | Degree

  • 60, 90 or 120 ECTS
  • 2, 3 or 4 semesters
  • Master of Arts (MA)

Study option

Choose between the Standard Track (120 ECTS) and the Fast Track (60 or 90 ECTS) study options based on your previous education.

In our Visual & Experience Design master’s programme, students will gain an understanding of innovations in digital, computational and physical interactions that permeate our daily lives. All topics will be delivered in sequential clusters, allowing the students to acquire and apply theories to real contexts, as well as to envision entirely new scenarios. Modules will focus on creative approaches to visual design, the value of cultural diversity in an age of globalised markets, and the deep-spectrum of approaches to designing for social media and digital ecosystems.

This course will focus on the critical awareness of the balance between creative, commercial and business considerations, to develop visual narratives using a variety of tools and graphic elements. You will also create briefs for research-driven projects and innovative approaches to business. Modules will emphasis the changing role of designers in the sphere of algorithmic processes that mediates our interactions in digital spaces, where adaptive thinking and human-centred content creation are the true currencies of contemporary designers.

Visual & Experience Design MA

Hear a short overview of the MA by our very own Professor Dr. Peter Crnokrak, Programme Coordinator at the University of Europe for Applied Sciences.

Visual & Experience Design MA at UE Dubai

Hear a short overview of the MA by our very own Professor Daliha Mahmoud, Professor of Visual and Experience Design at the University of Europe for Applied Sciences in Dubai.

Peter is teaching MA Visual & Experience Design programme at the UE Innovation Hub

Learn from the best and get inspired

Design often shows something simplistic, inspired by usability, modernness, people. Therefore, we often have the urge that we need or want something such as certain furniture, perhaps the color of the year, clothes. Prof. Dr. Peter Crnokrak's award-winning project 'Everyone Ever in the World' from 2010 is a visual representation of the number of people to have lived versus been killed in wars, massacres and genocide during the recorded history of humankind.
"Most of my current work focuses on data archeology – transforming patterns in history into an analytical science to predict the future."
Peter is teaching our Visual & Experience Design MA programme at the UE Innovation Hub. Read more about his driving passion for data visualisation and his projects.

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Learn from our Experts

Here you will find further valuable information about our professors and their career.

Prof. Dr. Peter Crnokrak

Prof. Dr. Peter Crnokrak

Dr. Peter Crnokrak is the professor for Visual & Experience Design at University of Applied Sciences Europe, Berlin campus. Contact us to know more!
Dahlia Mahmoud

Dahlia Mahmoud

Meet Dahlia Mahmoud, Lecturer of Visual and Experience Design at the University of Europe for Applied Sciences in Dubai.

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