Study M.Sc. Clinical Psychology with focus on Rehabilitation and Gerontopsychology

Clinical Psychology with focus on
Rehabilitation and Gerontopsychology

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Clinical Psychology with focus on Rehabilitation and Gerontopsychology, MSc

Are you interested in human behaviour and would like to deepen this interest in a Master’s programme?

The combination of a Bachelor’s degree in psychology and a Master’s degree at UE not only gives prospective students access to a broader professional field but also gives them the opportunity to choose specific areas of study. At UE, we offer the Clinical Psychology Master’s degree with a focus on rehabilitation and gerontological psychology, as well as a focus on coaching and counselling. We offer prospective students the opportunity to take a master’s degree with both concentrations, thus obtaining a double master’s degree.

Our Master’s programme is aimed at Bachelor’s graduates in psychology or business psychology and related disciplines (e.g. public health, health sciences, medicine) as well as professionals from corresponding fields. Prerequisite is sound prior knowledge of psychology within the scope of 10 ECTS in statistics and 20 ECTS with (general) psychological content, which can also be acquired in a preceding premaster.

Start | Language of Instruction

  • Winter semester: September
  • Summer semester: March
  • German


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  • EU applicants standard: € 820 monthly
  • Non-EU applicants standard: € 10,938 yearly

Credits | Duration | Degree

The Master’s programme in Clinical Psychology with focus on Rehabilitation & Gerontopsychology MSc comprises 4 semesters. Get more information about the study courses in the curriculum.

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Start your Master’s programme in Psychology at UE Germany in Berlin and experience our Campus with its studios, lecture rooms, high-quality equipment and great atmosphere!

The University of Europe for Applied Sciences offers you an excellent education in clinical psychology with a specialisation in rehabilitation and gerontological psychology. Our Master’s study programme has been carefully designed to enhance your expertise in clinical psychology while offering a clear specialisation in the important areas of rehabilitation and gerontopsychology.

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At UE, you have the opportunity to study “Clinical Psychology with a focus on Rehabilitation and Gerontological Psychology (M.Sc.)” and “Psychology with a focus on Coaching and Counselling (M.Sc.)”. In addition, you can now opt into our Double Master’s Programme, which combines these two courses. This will allow you to obtain 2 Master’s degrees within 3 years.

All information about the programme at a glance:

  • Duration: 6 semesters (3 years)
  • ECTS: 240 (2×120)
  • Teaching language: German
  • Campus: Hamburg, Berlin and Iserlohn
  • Qualification: Two Master of Science degrees in Psychology
  • Application: Online application form

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Learn from our Experts

Here you will find further valuable information about our professors and their career.

Prof. Dr. Frank Esken

Prof. Dr. Frank Esken

Dr. Frank Esken is the Programme Director for Psychology at University of Europe for Applied Sciences, Iserlohn campus. Visit us to know more
Prof. Dr. Silke Heuse

Prof. Dr. Silke Heuse

Dr. Silke Heuse is the Programme Leader for Psychology and Vice Dean for the Business department at the University of Europe for Applied Sciences, Hamburg Campus.
Prof. Dr. Janina Hulsebusch

Prof. Dr. Janina Hülsebusch

Prof. Dr. Janina Hülsebusch is a Professor at the University of Europe for Applied Sciences at Campus Iserlohn.
Dr. Anna Maria Pleser-Scher

Dr. Anna Maria Pleser-Scher

Learn more about Dr. Anna Maria Pleser-Scher, Lecturer for Psychology (B.Sc.) , Campus Hamburg at University of Europe for Applied Sciences.
Prof. Dr. Uda-Mareke Risius

Prof. Dr. Uda-Mareke Risius

Learn more about Prof. Dr. Uda-Mareke Risius, Programme Director Psychology (B.Sc.) , Campus Berlin at University of Europe for Applied Sciences.

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