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Data Unveiled, Insights Unleashed

New waves of innovations surrounding analytic services have had a significant impact on business and technology over recent years. In this master’s program, you will learn all relevant data science skills which are in demand across all industries in today’s job market.
The practical application of data analytics for business decisions and the emergence of new business areas via data and digitization are another core focus during the course.

During the interdisciplinary electives, you have the opportunity to tailor your studies to suit your career goals by selecting modules out of the program’s vast portfolio of game design, UX/UI design or digital media communication. A contemporary leadership and culture module prepares you for you for leadership in the future.
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  • EU applicants standard: € 820 monthly
  • Non-EU applicants standard: € 10,938 yearly
  • Dubai applicants:
    AED 73,500 (1.5 Years)
    AED 91,875 (2 Years)

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Studying in Dubai: Dubai is an extraordinary city, pulsating with life, innovation, and opportunity. A dream destination for students who aspire to global success, Dubai provides the ultimate backdrop for students to live and learn. From its dynamic culture to its limitless possibilities, Dubai promises to exceed your wildest aspirations.

Admission Requirements

Here are some things you will require for your application at the UE:

  • Completed admission form
  • CV & Copy of passport
  • Completion of a Bachelor’s degree
  • Good English language skills (at least B2)
  • Basics in Statistics (at least 3 ECTS or a pre-master course at UE)
  • A portfolio is not required
Potsdam City

Studying in IHub: Potsdam is a city approx. 25 min by public transport away from Berlin. It was selected in 2017 as one of the 12 digital hubs in Germany. Potsdam offers the highest density of scientiests in Germany. Our campus is next to incubators such as SAP innovation center where over 200 people research AI and Blockchain technologies.

Semesters & Credits

  • 120, 90 or 60 ECTS
  • Master of Science MSc
  • Teaching language: English
  • The programme starts in both the winter (September) and summer (March) term each year.

Dual Degree Programme in BSc Business Informatics & Data Science

Spotlight Module "Data Engineering"

The students can discuss solutions for the implementation and design of data pipelines and data engineering infrastructures, learn about data modeling and data storage techniques. They will have an understanding of data warehouse and its alternatives, and
the implementation of the ETL process and are able to create data pipelines and test for data quality and flaws. Students will be able to learn about strategies for the implementation of data engineering
infrastructures and can discuss security and availability pitfalls in data engineering.

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What happens after your studies?

After your studies, you will not only be an expert in business issues, but above all you will have the best qualifications and thus be decisive for the success of projects in various industries and organisations.
  • Expected Salary: €60,000 to €300,000 annually depending on the experience, industry etc.
  • Career Opportunities: Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Big Data Engineer & Data Consultant
  • Skills: Data Preprocessing, Problem-Solving, Ethics and Privacy, Statistical Analysis & more

If you’re still uncertain about whether an MSc Data Science is the right choice for you, our blog post discussing the career pathways could help you out.

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UE Master's Reform

More flexible, more interdisciplinary, and more practice-oriented – the new Master’s programmes make the University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE) even more attractive! Students of selected MA programmes at UE have the choice of a Master’s degree in 60, 90, or 120 ECTS which gives them full flexibility. Students can apply for one of the three options depending on the education they’ve already achieved and how many ECTS they’ve already accumulated in their previous Bachelor’s (or Master’s) courses. Practical experience will also be taken under consideration.

UE Dubai Campus
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Cooperation Partners

Gain access to internships and real- life business projects in a range of leading companies. Our dedicated career experts will help you develop your presentation and interview skills to boost your career.

  • UE Germany Cooperation Partner - Merck

    Science & Tech

  • kloeckner.i

    Innovation hubs


    Fintech incubators

  • UE Germany Cooperation Partners - BASF

    Multinational corporations

  • Axel Springer

    German-based SMEs

  • Global market leaders

Learn from our Experts

Here you will find further valuable information about our professors and their career.

Prof. Dr. Iris Lorscheid

Prof. Dr. Iris Lorscheid

Dr. Iris Lorscheid is the Vice-Rector of Research, Programme Leader Business Informatics & Data Science at UE Germany, Hamburg campus.

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