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MBA Sports Management*

The rapidly growing global sports industry today demands qualified professionals and leaders who can make decision-oriented actions. The MBA in "Sports Management" at the University of Applied Sciences prepares students for leadership positions in the sports sector, encompassing both social and business aspects crucial for effective sports leadership. 


The MBA programme focuses on modern leadership concepts and communication strategies within the global sports landscape. We equip you with the principles of effective leadership and deep industry knowledge to drive organisational goals and champion strategic initiatives in the world of sports. Students acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to pursue leadership roles in all facets of the globally expanding sports industry.


*in accreditation

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Key Facts



Summer semester: March

Wiinter semester: September 


Tuition fees | EU applicants

Tuition fees | EU applicants

Standard: € 925 monthly 


Save additional 15%. Please find out more about our fees, additional savings, and your funding options.

Tuition fees | Non-EU applicants

Tuition fees | Non-EU applicants

Standard: € 12,332 yearly


Save additional 15%. Please find out more about our fees, additional savings, and your funding options.

Campus and Virtual Tour

Campus and Virtual Tour



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MBA Sports Management

Credits & Duration

Credits & Duration

90 ECTS in 3 semesters

Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements

- First qualifying university degree: Bachelor's degree (at least 180 ECTS)


- Work experience: at least 1 year after the first qualifying university degree


- Language skills: good knowledge of English (at least B2 level)

Career Perspectives

Career Perspectives

Leadership positions in all facets of the globally expanding sports industry. Leadership positions in all facets of the globally expanding sports industry.

Language of Instruction

Language of Instruction


Download curricula


Get more information on your MBA Sports Management modules by downloading the brochure via the link below.


Curriculum MBA Sports Management

About the MBA in Sports Management

The MBA in Healthcare Service Management takes 1.5 years to complete and comprises 8 modules and a Master's thesis.


  • Quantitative Methodologies

  • Customer Environment

  • Innovation Management

  • Strategic Vision

  • Operations

  • Leadership

  • Strategic Sports Management & Governance

  • Advanced Sports Marketing & Event Management


Through team projects, company visits, and experienced lecturers, you will build your own valuable network during your studies and lay the foundation for your successful career.


Special Benefit: We want your studies to fit perfectly into your life. That is why the lecture times for the Master's programmes are limited to times from Wednesday afternoon to Friday, or Saturday evening, during the semester. This makes it easier to combine your studies with a part-time job. Not to be neglected here is a corresponding pre- and post-processing effort, which is usually required for full-time studies such as this.


An MBA in Sports Management can open up a range of exciting career opportunities within the sports industry and related fields. Here are some potential career prospects:


  1. Sports Manager/Director: You could work as a sports manager or director for sports teams, clubs, or organizations, overseeing their day-to-day operations, strategic planning, and overall management.

  2. Sports Marketing Manager: Sports marketing managers promote sports events, teams, or athletes. They create marketing campaigns, manage sponsorships, and develop strategies to enhance the brand and visibility of sports entities.

  3. Sports Agent: Sports agents represent athletes and negotiate contracts on their behalf. They handle endorsements, contract negotiations, and career management.

  4. Sports Event Planner/Manager: Organize and manage sports events, such as tournaments, races, or championships. This role involves logistical planning, budgeting, marketing, and ensuring smooth event execution.

  5. Sports Analytics Professional: Analyze data to provide insights into player performance, team strategies, and fan engagement. Sports analytics professionals are in demand to help teams make data-driven decisions.

  6. Sports Consultant: Work as a sports management consultant, advising sports organizations on various aspects, including business strategy, marketing, and operations improvement.

  7. Sports Entrepreneur: Start your own sports-related business, such as a sports merchandise store, sports training facility, or sports event management company.

  8. Sports Broadcasting and Media: Pursue a career in sports journalism, broadcasting, or media management. This could involve reporting, commentary, production, or media planning.

  9. Sports Education: Teach sports management, coaching, or sports business courses at universities or colleges.

  10. Sports Nonprofits and Governing Bodies: Work for sports governing bodies, associations, or nonprofit organizations dedicated to promoting sports and physical activity.

  11. Sports Tourism Manager: Manage sports-related tourism initiatives and events, attracting sports enthusiasts to your region.

  12. Sports Licensing and Merchandising Manager: Oversee the licensing and merchandising of sports-related products and apparel.

  13. Corporate Opportunities: Apply your sports management skills in corporate settings, such as human resources, marketing, or corporate social responsibility roles with a sports-related focus.

The career prospects for individuals with an MBA in Sports Management can be diverse, and they often offer the opportunity to combine a passion for sports with business acumen. The specific career path you choose will depend on your interests, skills, and goals within the sports industry. Networking, gaining practical experience, and staying current with industry trends can also enhance your career opportunities in this field.

The potential salary for individuals with an MBA in Sports Management in the European job market at the entry-level can vary depending on several factors, including the country, the specific job role, the industry, and the level of experience. Here are some approximate salary ranges for entry-level positions in this field:


  1. Sports Marketing Coordinator: Entry-level positions in sports marketing might offer salaries ranging from €30,000 to €45,000 per year.

  2. Sports Event Coordinator: Event coordinators in the sports industry may earn starting salaries between €30,000 and €40,000 annually.

  3. Sports Business Analyst: Entry-level business analysts in the sports sector might earn around €35,000 to €50,000 per year, depending on the location and company.

  4. Sports Facility Manager: Facility managers for sports venues may earn salaries ranging from €35,000 to €50,000 per year.

  5. Sports Sales Representative: Sales representatives focusing on sports-related products or services might start with salaries between €30,000 and €45,000 annually.

  6. Sports Consultant: Entry-level sports consultants may earn salaries between €35,000 and €50,000 per year, depending on the consulting firm and location.


Please keep in mind that these salary ranges are approximate and can vary significantly based on factors such as the specific country, city, industry, and the demand for sports management professionals in a given region. Additionally, salaries can be influenced by the economic conditions and job market trends at the time of your job search. It's advisable to research salary information specific to your target country and city, as well as the industry sector you're interested in, to get a more accurate picture of potential earnings.

About UE

Kleine Lerngruppen an der University of Europe for Applied Sciences Studiere an der University of Europe for Applied Sciences Die University of Europe for Applied Sciences ist systemakkreditiert UE lehrt auch im 3D Campus
Kleine Lerngruppen an der University of Europe for Applied Sciences

Intensive learning experience

Our learning offer includes not only theoretical education, but also practical experience through case studies, business games, field trips and internships to prepare you holistically for the professional world.


Studiere an der University of Europe for Applied Sciences

Personal touch

With small seminar groups and lecturers who are successful in business, we offer individual support and networking opportunities for our students in the Public Health degree programme.

The University of Europe for Applied Sciences is system accredited

Die University of Europe for Applied Sciences ist systemakkreditiert

National reputation

As a state-recognised and multi-award-winning university, we are among the top 10 universities in Germany in the field of business administration in terms of teaching quality.


UE lehrt auch im 3D Campus

UE also teaches in the 3D Campus

Application-oriented research
The strong focus on practical teaching as well as the active participation in future-oriented projects enable you to put your knowledge into practice and gain valuable experience already during your studies.

Your success as a leader depends on how willing you are to take on responsibility and develop new areas. It's about network management and personal growth in a more globalizing and digitalising world.


With the newly restructured and thoroughly modernized MBA programmes at the University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE), you will acquire leadership skills that qualify you for successful ventures in a complex, digitalised world. Interdisciplinary thinking and working within intercultural contexts form the foundation of all our modules.


As an MBA graduate, you will be able to respond effectively to the challenges of global and digital markets, leverage innovation and lead teams. To learn more about why you should start your MBA studies with us, click here.

You can apply up to one year in advance for your desired starting semester. Please note that you must meet the following requirements:

  • Bachelor's degree (at least 180 ECTS)

  • English language skills (at least B2 level)

  • 1 year of professional experience after the last academic degree


Find further information on the application process here.

As a private educational institution, we, the University of Europe for Applied Sciences, do not finance our high-quality standards through public funds, but through tuition fees. We attach great importance to the optimal education of our students and therefore invest in state-of-the-art teaching methods, first-class equipment, teaching staff with practical experience and a constantly growing network. Accordingly, our fees differ from those of state universities. However, this is an investment that pays off for you: our graduates are successful both nationally and internationally.


All costs are included in our monthly tuition fee. If you complete the programme within the standard period of study, there are no further fees such as enrolment, examination, or Master's thesis fees.


We will be happy to inform you about the possibilities of financing your studies and receiving financial support. Our student advisory service is available to you with extensive expertise and will be happy to answer your questions. You can find more information on financing your studies on our website on study fees and financing.


Collaboration Partners

Gain access to internships and real-life business projects with a range of leading companies to boost your career.

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Gain access to internships and real-life business projects with a range of leading companies to boost your career.


The lecturers in our Business department have years of experience in a range of business areas such as business psychology, finance and controlling, business administration, corporate governance and marketing.

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