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International Public Health Management, MSc*

The Master degree programme International Public Health Management is based on the idea of providing an interdisciplinary, international and research-oriented management education for planning, development and controlling tasks in the public health sector. The aim of the degree programme is to impart qualifications which, in the sense of entrepreneurial thinking and acting, prepare students for the future requirements of a top management position in the public health sector with leadership and management responsibility.


The programme applies basic business administration and management skills (HR, Finance) to the specifics of the public health sector and combines them with core skills (health prevention, epidemiology) and complementary skills (research methodologies, CSR). The MSc in International Public Health Management focuses on the provision of a multidisciplinary, critically analytical and practice-based approach to the main challenges and issues in international public health management, planning and policy, which face the providers of health and health-related services.


*in accreditation

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Key Facts

Starting semester

Starting semester

Winter semester: September

Summer semester: March

Tuition fees | EU applicants

Tuition fees | EU applicants

Standard Track (120 ECTS) and Fast Tracks (90 & 60 ECTS) study options. 


from € 820 monthly 


Save additional 15%. Please find out more about our fees, additional savings, and your funding options.

Tuition fees | Non-EU applicants

Tuition fees | Non-EU applicants

Standard Track (120 ECTS) and Fast Tracks (90 and 60 ECTS) study options 


from € 10,938 yearly


Save additional 15%. Please find out more about our fees, additional savings, and your funding options.



Master of Science (MSc)



2, 3 or 4 semesters



Standard: 120 ECTS

Fast-Track: 60 or 90 ECTS

Language of instruction

Language of instruction


Campus and Virtual Tour

Campus and Virtual Tour



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Focus of the study

Focus of the study

  • Public Health Basics

  • Health Systems and Policy

  • Psychology and Sociology of Healthcare

  • Epidemiology and Health Statistics

  • Information Technology

  • Health Promotion and Prevention

  • (Applied) Project Management

  • Leadership, Ethics, CSR


UE is offering the International Public Health Management Master Standard track in 4 semesters, but also as fast track options in 3 or 2 semesters. Learn more about the topics of study in the curriculum.


Curriculum International Public Health Management Msc, 120 ECTS Curriculum International Public Health Management Msc, 90 ECTS Curriculum International Public Health Management Msc, 60 ECTS

The Master's programme in International Public Health Management is logically structured in such a way that in the first two semesters you are taught the theoretical basics, which include essential business knowledge and skills. In the third semester, you will deepen the skills you have learned in a more practice-oriented final project, accompanied by necessary complementary skills such as research methodology or leadership. In the fourth semester, you apply all your knowledge and skills in the Master's thesis.


This covers all the important healthcare functions and healthcare management tasks in a hospital, as well as the impact of decisions at local and international level on the respective activity.


Depending on the scope of study you choose, a capstone project is scheduled in the third semester. Although semesters abroad and internships are not regularly scheduled, they can also be individually integrated into the Public Health Master's programme if you are interested.

Since all important functions of administration in a hospital or health organisation are covered, graduates of this degree programme can basically work in any hospital, health organisation or health centre, which also includes tasks of public health administration and project management in the health sector.


The broad range of topics offered in our M.Sc. in International Public Health Management prepares our graduates perfectly for their future careers. In principle, they can work in leadership positions in the field of public health and health management at local or international level.


This includes, for example, the following positions:


  • Health Care Manager
  • Account manager for clinics
  • Consultant for occupational health management
  • Health care management consultant
  • Quality Manager

If you have successfully completed your Public Health studies, the average starting salary is around 2,000 to 3,000 € gross per month. With a few years of experience, you can already expect average salaries of €2,900 to €4,000 gross per month in the sector, and around €6,200 to €7,500 in a managerial position.


As in most other professions, the size and location of the company as well as the specific profession are decisive for the salary. In social and educational institutions and organisations, for example, wages are correspondingly lower than in public health care. Pharmaceutical companies and consulting firms, on the other hand, are the top payers.

Kleine Lerngruppen an der University of Europe for Applied Sciences Studiere an der University of Europe for Applied Sciences Die University of Europe for Applied Sciences ist systemakkreditiert UE lehrt auch im 3D Campus
Kleine Lerngruppen an der University of Europe for Applied Sciences

Intensive learning experience

Our learning offer includes not only theoretical education, but also practical experience through case studies, business games, field trips and internships to prepare you holistically for the professional world.


Studiere an der University of Europe for Applied Sciences

Personal touch

With small seminar groups and lecturers who are successful in business, we offer individual support and networking opportunities for our students in the Public Health degree programme.

The University of Europe for Applied Sciences is system accredited

Die University of Europe for Applied Sciences ist systemakkreditiert

National reputation

As a state-recognised and multi-award-winning university, we are among the top 10 universities in Germany in the field of business administration in terms of teaching quality.


UE lehrt auch im 3D Campus

UE also teaches in the 3D Campus

Application-oriented research
The strong focus on practical teaching as well as the active participation in future-oriented projects enable you to put your knowledge into practice and gain valuable experience already during your studies.

For the Public Health degree programme, you can apply up to one year in advance for your desired starting semester. Please note that you must meet the following requirements:


  • Online application
  • Completion of a Bachelor's degree, a German diploma or Master's degree
  • Final grade of "good" or letter of recommendation from your previous higher education institution
  • Business-related Bachelor's degree (alternatively, preliminary courses can be taken)
  • Good English language skills (at least level B2)
  • Interview in English

As a private educational institution, we, the University of Europe for Applied Sciences, do not finance our high quality standards through public funds, but through tuition fees. We attach great importance to the optimal education of our students and therefore invest in state-of-the-art teaching methods, first-class equipment, teaching staff with practical experience and a constantly growing network. Accordingly, our fees differ from those of state universities. However, this is an investment that pays off for you: our graduates are successful both nationally and internationally.


All costs are included in our monthly tuition fee, including the Leadership Assessment Centre. If you complete the programme within the standard period of study, there are no further fees such as enrolment, examination or Master's thesis fees.


We will be happy to inform you about the possibilities of financing your studies and receiving financial support. Our student advisory service is available to you with extensive expertise and will be happy to answer your questions. You can find more information on financing your studies on our website on study fees and financing.


The contemporary international health environment requires a restructured public national health system taking the lead in maintaining and improving public health. This policy agenda emphasizes strongly the need for good leadership, and within that requires the development of a vision and of practices in public health administration, appropriate for the organization of public health services in today’s global environment.


The Master is created in order to fulfill the achievement of this objective. It builds on the research and teaching strengths to ensure that graduates will be able to administer public health services and administration on the basis of a sound understanding of theories and practices of management and public health.


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