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Lecture series part 1: Panel discussion Caster Semenya


Lecture series part 1: Panel discussion Caster Semenya

In athletics, there is currently a dispute that has landed before the International Court of Sports CAS: The South African runner Caster Semanya filed a lawsuit against the rules of the IAAF, which she describes as discriminatory. 

Raised and educated as a woman, she is expected to reduce her testosterone level, which is unnaturally high for a woman, with the help of medication. In fact, according to genome analysis, Caster Semanya is a man, but without any masculine gender, so that her case is referred to as a "gender development disorder".

Is the competitive advantage of Caster Semanya really unfair and the discrimination by the IAAF justified?
On the other hand, aren't genetic benefits that result in competitive advantage through training the foundation of any top-level sport? To what extent is the "case" of Caster Semanya special here? What is the future of women's sport if more and more intersexual and transsexual women start it? Can organised sport in "its" world even discriminate on the basis of gender if it is an absolute no-go in the rest of society?

These and other questions will be discussed in this panel discussion.
The panel consists of:

  • Andreas Statzkowski, President of the Berlin Athletics Association
  • Barbara Klimke, sports editorial office Süddeutsche Zeitung
  • Prof. Dr. Stefan Chatrath, Professor of Sports Marketing at the University of Applied Sciences Europe
  • This winter semester, the lecture series will focus on two current challenges from the world of sport. These are deliberately chosen from different fields and all contain a fundamental question, which is central for the future orientation of sport.
  • When:
    Saturday, 23 November 2019 3:45pm CET

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