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Art & Design exhibition topic: migration and arrival, inspired by illustrator Shaun Tan

Last year, our students and teachers received the prize money to design their project: Arrival. As part of the programme Eine Uni, Ein Buch (One University, One Book), which is supported by the Stifterverband (Donors' Association) and Klaus Tschira Stiftung in cooperation with ZEIT Verlag, this exhibition was created in the Altonaer Museum, our long-term cooperation partner.


The exhibition is based on the book The Arrival by Shaun Tan, a visual history of the experience of flight, migration and arrival. A project that was thematised across all courses of study in the Department of Art & Design - visually and cinematically depicting the experiences, feelings and individual experiences. After the international symposium, the exhibition concludes the project One University, One Book. For one month you have the chance to see the exhibition live in Hamburg. The exhibition was curated by Prof. Dr. Gora Jain.


The international symposium on Friday and Saturday opens up and reflects on the complexity, challenges and realities of flight, migration and arrival. Conceived and organised by Prof. Dr. Jiré Emine Gözen. International speakers from Israel, Hong Kong and Japan will speak and the illustrator and author of the book Shaun Tan will also be a guest. For the livestream, please register here. You will receive a Zoom-Link before the events starts.




22nd + 23rd of October


22nd of October until 22nd of November


Involved Students

Huldah Amo, Izabela Bannach, Alisa Berg, Katharina Bøggild, Sarah Bruse, Inka Buck, Salomé Camerati, Sarah De Groot, Daline Daute, Bjørg Elttør, Emily Falkenhof, Léa Frenot, Aurélie Georges, Laura Gilson,Valerija Grams, Clara Graß, Mariya Gubenko, Joana Haagen, Paula Härtel, Leon Herres, Miriam Kalle, Annelie Kebschull, Louise Klingler, Mia Louisa Knop, Tabea Koch, Alexander Krämer, Alexander Leinens, Sabina Mästle Torres, Adara Mendes, Anna Mensing, Oliver Moscher, Sophie Notbom, Sophie Pichtovnikov, Anna Pöhlmann, Lisa Putz, Fenja Rebell, Sophie Remstädt, Megan Richter, Niclas Robering, Eva Röhlsberger, Leon Römer, Zoe Marie Schättle, Merve Selçuk, Janne Studt, Monalena Teschemacher, Ann-Katrin Werner, Emma Wohnsiedler, Sarah Wolf


Involved Professors

Prof. Dr. Jiré Emine Gözen, Prof. Dr. Gora Jain, Prof. Friederike Groß, Prof. Jan Haux, Prof. Maike Höhne, Ilona Klück, Prof. Verena Krämer, Prof. Ubbo Kügler, Prof. Christian Meyer zur Ermgassen


Organisation and project management

Prof. Dr. Jiré Emine Gözen, Prof. Dr. Gora Jain

  • When:
    Friday, 22 October 2021 10 am - 6 pm (CEST)


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