Statement of the Presidium of the University of Europe for Applied Sciences on Democracy and the Rule of Law

At UE we are passionate to open up the minds of our students. We encourage critical reflection, but always in a context of respect for a variety of opinions and views. 

As a university of applied sciences, we are well aware that a knowledge economy can only prospect when its knowledge hubs – specifically its universities – are able to operate in full autonomy, protected from political or ideological pressures. And above all, for a credible position in society, even internationally, the university needs to be able to retain fully her credibility as an undisputed independent institution, as a trustworthy source of unbiased and uncorrupted contributions to a better future.

As a German university, we are deeply rooted in the values of liberal democracy, the German Basic Law, and the rule of law. Therefore, we support the statement of the German Rectors’ Conference when it describes these values as “immutable pillars of our country and its institutions,” essential prerequisites for the existence of a competitive and internationally active German university system.

We endorse the statement of the German Rectors’ Conference (HRK) of January 23, 2024, to advocate for the fundamental values of our constitution and society.

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