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The future belongs to hybrid intelligence – how can AI and humans work together successfully?

“The future belongs to hybrid intelligence – how can AI and humans work together successfully?”

At the moment, AI and chat GTP are being talked about everywhere, and for the most part painted in black in the reporting, because the rapid development is fueling many fears. UE-Professor Dr. Iris Lorscheid, computer scientist, AI expert and professor of Digital Business and Data Science at the University of Europe for Applied Sciences, on the other hand, says: “The future belongs to hybrid intelligence, because it will take humans and machines working together. Combining the strengths of AI and human intelligence creates new opportunities. Hybrid systems can make better decisions and solve problems together that are faster, more accurate and more ethical than systems that rely on AI alone or human intelligence alone.”

There have always been disruptive innovations like the computer, the Internet, and the smartphone. Innovation has always led to great change and with it many uncertainties and fears. Jobs have gone and new ones have been created, industries have been replaced and new industries have been created.

“AI will continue to develop rapidly – right now – and spread into all areas. Now it’s a matter of discussing how we use AI, our powerful tool, to shape our lives. AI owns rapid processing of information, human’s own creativity, complex contextual knowledge (intuition), empathy, and responsibility for ethics. We have the opportunity to improve our quality of life and work together for a sustainable future. It’s going to be completely different and the next step is now,” says Iris Lorscheid.

Prof. Iris Lorscheid will be happy to explain in an interview what these next steps might look like in concrete terms, why chatbots are at a loss without human feedback, what ethical implications play a role, and why we should not be afraid of innovation.

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